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  • Jacob Fike

    Account Type:
    Hippie Town, OR United States
    Member since:
    April 16, 2002
    Last Login:
    March 1, 2016
    Last Update:
    February 17, 2011
    As the CTO of Avalon Labs LLC, I am responsible for the technology behind Fellowstream, our team-based to-do list.


    Primary Skill:
    Advanced Web Developer
    Secondary Skill:
    Advanced Gamer
    Tertiary Skill:
    Intermediate Artist
    • Developed a team management web application using PHP, MySQL, and jquery.

    • Built the backend framework for this web platform featuring AAA-quality 3D multiplayer games in the browser.
    • Utilized the Zend Framework, Prototype/Scriptaculous and XMPP to create a multiplayer party/chat system, friend management and user profiles.
    • Designed and developed APIs for database abstraction, external web services and microtransactions.

    • Coordinated with artists, marketers and sales associates to launch a complete revamp of this e-commerce and community-driven website.
    • Applied the Zend Framework and jQuery to implement a modern design, enhance usability and improve scalability.
    • Implemented numerous SEO enhancements, custom forums, powerful content management system and robust e-commerce system resulting in an instant 150% increase in revenue.

    • Launched the world's first social networking site for games, gamers and game developers built on a custom PHP framework.
    • Implemented Facebook applications, flash widgets and RESTful web services to enable viral marketing by users.
    • Addressed site speed and scalability concerns by utilizing memcached, static file hosting and database optimization.

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