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  • Best of Torque

    Developer Interview: BitGap Games' Xenocell and IndieGoGo

    Interview with Konrad Kiss of BitGap games on their action-strategy game Xenocell. Konrad covers development of the title and making a go of things on the IndieGoGo crowdsourcing platform.

    Author David Montgomery-Blake Date 11/06/2012 (11:55 am) Comment 16 comments

    Pedro Vicente and Space Research Software

    GarageGames sat down with Pedro Vicente to discuss his latest iPhone game Word Build and other projects he is working on with Torque for Space Research Software.

    Author Geoff Beckstrom Date 06/18/2012 (2:57 pm) Comment 4 comments

    Frozen Synapse by Mode 7 Games - Developer Interview

    Frozen Synapse from Mode7 Games was written in Torque 2D by an extremely dedicated team of indie professionals. It is currently on sale on Steam and up for a Golden Joystick Award!

    Author David Montgomery-Blake Date 08/12/2011 (10:32 am) Comment 43 comments

    Developer Interview - Space Pirates and Zombies

    What can two dedicated developers with a dream create with their ingenuity? The answer: Space Pirates and Zombies or SPAZ. SPAZ is a combination of a space combat simulation, role-playing game, and pure awesomeness. A random star system is generated each time the player starts a new game, and from there they can explore, trade, engage in combat, and generally have a great time travelling the universe.

    Author David Montgomery-Blake Date 06/27/2011 (9:06 am) Comment 21 comments

    Darkwind Rolls out with Torque!

    Passion and dedication are the core traits to help anyone get through developing a game. Let's take a look at how this group made it through their development process with an interview from Sam Redfern of Psychic Software.

    Author Donald "Yadot" Harris Date 10/22/2010 (11:40 pm) Comment 13 comments

    Alebrije Estudios is gaining new Heights with iTorque2D!

    One thing I love about this company is the fact that we are a global organization. So with this interview I wanted to do two things. Number one get the developer interview section back up and running! And show off of some developers from the international community.

    Author Donald "Yadot" Harris Date 09/10/2010 (6:29 pm) Comment 5 comments

    Profile of a Game Developer: Conor O'Kane

    There are many ways to weave video games into your career. Here, I sit down with Conor O'Kane, long-time game developer and instructor at RMIT University, to discuss various aspects of the industry: from working for a big studio, to striking out on your own, to teaching at a video game design program.

    Author Deborah M. Fike Date 11/13/2009 (5:55 pm) Comment 11 comments

    Golgoth Studio Revamps Toki with Torque

    Think you could take a classic 80s arcade game and make it better? So does Golgoth Studio with Toki, a platformer/shooter game originally created by the TAD Corporation in 1989. Read on about their development process and their plans to bring an old game to a new generation of gamers.

    Author Deborah M. Fike Date 11/05/2009 (7:24 pm) Comment 19 comments

    Black Jacket Studios Accelerates onto Steam with Metal Drift

    Former GarageGames employee Brian Ramage and industry vet Weston Tracy of Black Jacket Studios have released their first game: Metal Drift. It hits Steam today, October 22nd. Check out how two indie developers decided to fly solo and make a game inspired by TRON.

    Author Deborah M. Fike Date 10/22/2009 (2:39 pm) Comment 19 comments

    Jounce Brings Music and Puzzles to the iPhone

    Jounce is a game with a simple premise: bounce falling balls to reach the goal. Its generative music and puzzle-like gameplay, though, make it stand out in a crowd(ed App Store). Check out how Matt Mitman spun up this prototype game and is measuring its success on iTunes.

    Author Deborah M. Fike Date 10/09/2009 (4:40 pm) Comment 8 comments

    Bumble Tales: A tale of Casual Portals, iPhone, and GDC

    Being a part of the Torque team puts me in the unique position of watching up-and-comers break out into game development. Yesterday, a game was released on iWin that told the story of not one, but two different studios teaming together to make a great game. That game is Bumble Tales, made by Tandem Games and Perfect Dork Studios.

    Author Deborah M. Fike Date 09/10/2009 (9:12 pm) Comment 4 comments

    The World is your Playground with Onverse

    Built by gamers for gamers, Onverse allows you to enjoy all the fun of a virtual world with different kind of gameplay built into its world. Read about how an industry veteran decided to build his own world and change the way we look at social platforms.

    Author Deborah M. Fike Date 08/31/2009 (6:28 pm) Comment 10 comments

    Rapid Prototyping works for Cascadia Games on the iPhone

    Lots of game developers talk about rapid prototyping, but Cascadia Games took it to the next level with iPhone game development. Read how Cascadia saw an opportunity to create a lot of "mini" board games in a short amount of time and what they learned from the experience.

    Author Deborah M. Fike Date 08/18/2009 (10:07 pm) Comment 0 comments

    Lumpy Games Brings BuggOut to Life on the iPhone

    BuggOut began as a game concept in 2004, but found a new audience with the iPhone. Read how Lumpy Games took advantage of their old game design docs to port a classic board game into the world of mobile gaming.

    Author Deborah M. Fike Date 08/06/2009 (12:09 pm) Comment 6 comments

    Only You Can Prevent Dust Bunnies on the iPhone

    Dirty coders beware! Between your discarded coffee cups and old pizza boxes lurks a new terror: the dreaded dust bunny. See how you can clean up on the iPhone in this unique and humorous arcade-style shooter for the iPhone.

    Author Deborah M. Fike Date 07/28/2009 (2:13 pm) Comment 4 comments

    Kids Explore Space with MoonBaseOne

    Had dreams of becoming an astronaut as a child? See how a group of game developers at the Federation of Galaxy Explorers volunteered their time to create MoonBaseOne, an educational game that exposes kids to science, technology and math.

    Author Deborah M. Fike Date 07/20/2009 (12:40 am) Comment 18 comments

    Solve a Wii Murder Mystery with Sudoku Ball - Detective

    Murder, intrigue and classic newspaper puzzles combine in Sudoku Ball - Detective. Read how European developer WhiteBear used a toy inventor's idea to put a new twist on this classic game.

    Author Deborah M. Fike Date 07/08/2009 (10:42 pm) Comment 6 comments

    Drums Challenge Gives us Rhythm on the Go

    Brazilian software developers MusiGames give us a taste of rocker stardom with Drums Challenge. Originally focusing solely on serious musical applications, this new spin-off studio of D'Accord Music Software is enjoying the success of their first musical game release on the iPhone.

    Author Deborah M. Fike Date 06/30/2009 (1:35 pm) Comment 7 comments

    Marble Blast Rolls onto the iPhone

    You may have already played the game that has become a hit on the PC, Mac, and XBLA. You may have even been one of the first people to buy it on the iPhone (thank you)! Now you get an inside peak on how Marble Blast Mobile was made.

    Author Deborah M. Fike Date 06/16/2009 (4:28 pm) Comment 13 comments

    Archimage Fights Diabetes with Serious Games

    Some developers, like Archimage, take games seriously. With a $9M grant from the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases, Archimage created two games aimed at preventing obesity and type II diabetes in children.

    Author Deborah M. Fike Date 06/09/2009 (5:23 pm) Comment 11 comments

    Sparks Fly on the iPhone with Ohmz

    With more than one billion apps downloaded just nine months after the AppStore launch, the iPhone continues to surpass expectations on what this handheld device can achieve. Check out what studio Suggestive Interactive Content is cooking up with its first iPhone title, Ohmz!

    Author Deborah M. Fike Date 06/04/2009 (3:19 pm) Comment 7 comments

    From School Notebook to Published Game: And Yet it Moves

    And Yet It Moves is a unique game on a few levels. In order to progress through the game, the player must turn the world clockwise or counterclockwise in 90 degree intervals. The environment was made to look like a collage ripped out of paper. And perhaps most unique of all, this ground-breaking game began as a class project, now published on Steam.

    Author Deborah M. Fike Date 05/19/2009 (6:29 am) Comment 13 comments

    The First Multiplayer FPS on the iPhone, the First iTGE Game

    iFPS Online breaks more firsts than just being the first iTGE game available in the iTunes AppStore. Pick Up and Play's game is also the first multiplayer FPS available for the iPhone, serving 2 to 10 players running over Wi-Fi and 3G on iPhones and iPod Touches. Read what it was like to develop this ground-breaking game.

    Author Deborah M. Fike Date 05/08/2009 (3:35 pm) Comment 10 comments

    Raycatcher Making Waves on Steam

    Meet Raycatcher, now available on Steam. Raycatcher allows you to interact with your personal MP3 library (no additional downloads required). Tired of working for a AAA studio, John Warner decided to strike it out on his own. His goal: get a game up on Steam. Developed by programmer-artist team Thinking Studios, Raycatcher gives you a rare glimpse of what it's like creating an indie game for the first time.

    Author Deborah M. Fike Date 05/05/2009 (2:40 pm) Comment 3 comments

    Big Blue Bubble Explores the iPhone with Pop-A-Tronic

    Canadian-based Big Blue Bubble is no stranger to game development. Founded in 2004 by industry veterans, the company saw the potential of the upcoming mobile games market. Its first game, Bubble Trouble, quickly sold over 120,000 copies worldwide and was used in marketing campaigns by Nokia. Read on to see how an established game company eyes a new opportunity in the mobile market.

    Author Deborah M. Fike Date 04/28/2009 (6:02 pm) Comment 6 comments

    Notunfun Goes Retro with Sea Snake for the iPhone

    Expounding on the classic snake games of yesterdecade, Sea Snake for the iPhone delivers an enjoyably addictive, intuitively fun experience by using old school game mechanics and adding modern touches including accelerometer support for tilt controls. Sea Snake broke all expectations by being an April 2009 iTunes Staff Favorite. Read on to see how Notunfun decided to use nostalgia to put a new spin on mobile gaming.

    Author Deborah M. Fike Date 04/17/2009 (4:37 pm) Comment 3 comments

    Sudden Games Moves to the iPhone with Sushi To Go

    Following Sudden Games and their trek into casual games is like watching a living case study of how to "make it" in video games. Now with four games in development and an eye to consoles and other platforms, Sudden Games is exploring the iPhone with Sushi To Go. Read on about the development of this time management and action game using the iPhone's unique accelerometer interface.

    Author Deborah M. Fike Date 04/13/2009 (3:08 pm) Comment 0 comments

    Be a King Rocking the RealArcade Charts!

    Having been in the game engine business for nearly a decade, we've seen our share of rockstar Torque developers. One that immediately comes to mind is Rake in Grass, a small independent development studio that has made over 10 games with Torque. Recently, the Rake in Grass team has enjoyed some big successes, including seeing their fast-paced horror game Larva Mortus go up on Steam and Be a King as the 4th ranked game on RealArcade!

    Author Deborah M. Fike Date 04/07/2009 (3:15 pm) Comment 4 comments

    Playing Doctor on the iPhone with Hospital Havoc

    We're seeing a flurry of Torque games being released to the App Store. To give you a taste of what it's like to develop for the iPhone, meet Ray Graham, President and Chief Engineer of Bitwise Design. His company developed Hospital Havoc, a casual time-management/arcade/strategy game for the iPhone and iPod Touch. You play a doctor with a helpful “sidekick” nurse in a small hospital room where wacky diseases are the norm.

    Author Deborah M. Fike Date 03/13/2009 (10:07 am) Comment 6 comments

    Minor Battle: A Game Too Small for One Screen

    With Torque currently licensed in over 200 schools, we have seen a lot of interesting student game projects over the years here at TorquePowered. Every once in a while, however, one game project really stands out. See what Minor Battle is all about, and take a sneak peek into the world of student game development.

    Author Deborah M. Fike Date 03/06/2009 (1:45 pm) Comment 6 comments

    Lore: Aftermath and Developing for InstantAction

    Max Gaming Technologies is no stranger to Torque. With games Kachinko and Lore: Invasion in our store, they have been long-time supporters of Torque since its early days. I had a chance to talk to Logan about what it was like developing Lore: Aftermath for InstantAction and thought you might enjoy his responses. Read on to hear how a team has learned from their early development experiences.

    Author Deborah M. Fike Date 03/04/2009 (11:02 am) Comment 16 comments

    World-LooM goes casual with Fix-it-up: Kate's Adventure

    The casual games market continues to boom, and lots of small studios find this an attractive place to launch their first game title. We caught up with World-LooM, Polish game developer, with their first big game release, Fix-it-up: Kate's Adventure. With fast play that includes buying, repairing, and selling cars, the game meshes two popular casual game genres: strategy and time management games. See it on Big Fish, PlayFirst , RealArcade, MacGamesStore, and more to come.

    Author Deborah M. Fike Date 01/21/2009 (2:51 pm) Comment 5 comments

    A New Kind of FPS on Steam

    You may like First Person Shooters, but you've probably never seen one like this. Frogames' Penguins Arena: Sedna's World is what the studio affectionately calls a "First Penguin Shooter." Dig a little deeper, and you find that Penguins Arena has a deep environmental theme about the perils of global warming. Combine all this with the distinctive art style that is Frogames' mark of quality, and you have one addictive game.

    Author Deborah M. Fike Date 12/17/2008 (12:27 pm) Comment 13 comments

    Buccaneer Sets Sail on Steam!

    Harvey and Simon of Stickman Studios have been huge supporters of Torque, prototyping this unique pirate game in TGE and then releasing it in TGEA. After two hard years of development, it's now available on Steam! Not bad for a couple of artists with the dream of making it big in games.

    Author Deborah M. Fike Date 12/04/2008 (4:16 pm) Comment 34 comments

    Hinterland Released on Steam

    For those of you who haven't checked out Hinterland, it is a fantasy PC title that combines fast-paced RPG combat with strategic town building and a little bit of "empire building." As you conquer enemy sites you secure access to valuable resources, and acquire all sorts of loot, which in turn feeds your town. The game is already amassing a good following, and Tilted Mill is dedicated to providing additional content to the game over time as its popularity continues to grow.

    Author Deborah M. Fike Date 10/16/2008 (11:43 am) Comment 18 comments

    Restoring Rhonda Developer Interview

    Restoring Rhonda is a unique match-3 puzzle game with an interactive art restoration meta-game by indie developer Skunk Studios. The game focuses heavily on protagonist Rhonda, who lives in a run-down studio, in a bummed out condition. Your goal is to make her happy over 10 unique stages. Check out how casual games continue to break the mold of what is expected in a video game.

    Author Deborah M. Fike Date 09/24/2008 (3:22 pm) Comment 5 comments

    Interview with TGE MMO Developer

    There aren't many that can lay claim to having made an MMO, but indie developer Peter Simard is one such person with his newly released Torque built game Crowns of Power, a fantasy-themed MMORPG. It was developed over 3 years using the Torque Game Engine and makes wide use of the Arcane FX special effects engine.

    Author Deborah M. Fike Date 09/22/2008 (1:13 pm) Comment 4 comments

    Twintale Finds Gold with TGB and Match-3

    Caribbean Hideaway, by Twintale Entertainment, is an improved version of their first game The Pirate Tales, both made with Torque Game Builder. The game tells a story about a group of pirates on an effort to rescue the deckhand's girlfriend, Ruby. We recently had the opportunity to discuss the hit game with one of its makers, Martin Andresen of Twintale.

    Author Deborah M. Fike Date 09/08/2008 (1:05 pm) Comment 6 comments

    Tandem Games: Innovating Match-3 with TGB

    Crunch Time is a freeware match-3 game with an innovative story based mechanic. Crunch Time was made by Tandem Games and is powered by the Torque Game Builder engine. It is a finalist in the in the Intel 2008 Game Demo Contest, selected as one of the top 10 games from over 350 entries submitted. The finalists will compete for over $100,000 in cash, tools and services, with winners announced by Intel on September 15, 2008.

    Author Deborah M. Fike Date 08/06/2008 (11:41 am) Comment 4 comments

    Dreamlords TGEA Interview

    Dreamlords - The Reawakening is a unique mix of Massively Multiplayer Online Games (MMOG) and Real Time Strategy (RTS). The game consists of two complimentary parts; a web based game for the long term strategy, and an installed client-based game for intense battles and conquering. The game is powered by the Torque Game Engine Advanced. It was released in June and can be downloaded from the Dreamlords website.

    Author Deborah M. Fike Date 07/10/2008 (1:20 pm) Comment 6 comments

    Protothea: First Torque Wii Game

    Protothea is a re-factoring of the old classic space ship shooting games. In Protothea you are no longer limited to vertical scrolling levels with just vertical firing: you control the ship in the same way you would control a player in an FPS game. Movement is totally free and you aim your ship separately using the pointing device.

    Author Deborah M. Fike Date 07/03/2008 (3:42 pm) Comment 8 comments

    Rokkitball Q&A

    Welcome to the future of gaming: InstantAction, featuring 3D games in a browser. Alex Swanson, lead developer of popular sports arena game Rokkitball, talks about what it was like to develop for this unique web platform.

    Author Alex Swanson Date 06/12/2008 (1:47 pm) Comment 13 comments

    Yard Sale Junkie coming to a portal near you!

    Eyal Erez of Sudden Games used TGB to publish his first casual game called Yard Sale Junkie on Reflexive Arcade, where it's currently getting a lot of love and attention. Eyal Erez is determined to make it big in casual games. Check out his first success story!

    Author Deborah M. Fike Date 05/13/2008 (1:47 pm) Comment 5 comments

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