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  • Best of Torque

    Penny Arcade Adventures: Episode 1

    Hothead Games Made with Torque 360

    Penny Arcade Adventures: On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness is an RPG-Adventure game set in the comic-book-meets-pulp-horror-meets-H.P. Lovecraft deranged 1920s universe of New Arcadia, delivering mature and compelling entertainment to gamers via accessible episodic delivery. Players join Gabe and Tycho, the crime-solving team of the Startling Developments Detective Agency, to combat savage enemies and solve mysteries hidden deep in the sinister heart of New Arcadia.

    Genre:  tag action-adventure tag rpg
    Platform: XBLA Steam Greenhouse Linux Mac Windows
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    Lockpick Entertainment Made with Torque 3D

    Dreamlords - The Reawakening is a unique mix of Massively Multiplayer Online Games (MMOG) and Real Time Strategy (RTS). Play a Dreamlord, a powerful collection of souls from ancient times, awakened by the turmoil and suffering of the living. Raise a powerful civilization, lead an army, conquer land and grow in strength so that you might stand up against the mighty Nightmares that threaten to unleash ultimate Destruction.

    Genre:  tag mmo tag rts
    Platform: Windows
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    Developer Interview Series See All
    Dreamlords TGEA Interview

    Dreamlords - The Reawakening is a unique mix of Massively Multiplayer Online Games (MMOG) and Real Time Strategy (RTS). The game consists of two complimentary parts; a web based game for the long term strategy, and an installed client-based game for intense battles and conquering. The game is powered by the Torque Game Engine Advanced. It was released in June and can be downloaded from the Dreamlords website.

    Author Deborah M. Fike Date 07/10/2008 (1:20 pm) Comment 6 comments

    Buccaneer: The Pursuit of Infamy

    Stickman Studios Made with Torque 3D

    Set sail across the Caribbean with Buccaneer. Players strive to become the most infamous pirate captain of all time and etch their name in The Hall of Infamy. Set against a backdrop of the sunny Caribbean, pirates plunder their way through 56 non-linear campaign missions. Players are also able to go head-to-head against other cut-throats online in one of the 10 different multiplayer maps. With a choice of more than a dozen fully customizable ships, Buccaneer will have budding pirate captains clamoring for more!

    Genre:  tag action-adventure
    Platform: Steam Direct2Drive Windows
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    Developer Interview Series See All
    Buccaneer Sets Sail on Steam!

    Harvey and Simon of Stickman Studios have been huge supporters of Torque, prototyping this unique pirate game in TGE and then releasing it in TGEA. After two hard years of development, it's now available on Steam! Not bad for a couple of artists with the dream of making it big in games.

    Author Deborah M. Fike Date 12/04/2008 (4:16 pm) Comment 34 comments

    Fallen Empire: Legions

    GarageGames Studios Made with Torque 3D

    Freedom of movement returns in this spiritual successor to Tribes. Travel by jetpack and ski over foreign landscapes, dodging grenades and shooting enemies in deathmatch mode. Sharpen your shooting accuracy or prepared to be gunned down. Play with up to 32 players simultaneously in the world's first serious FPS on the web, no client install and no game console required.

    Genre:  tag fps
    Platform: InstantAction Mac Windows
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    GarageGames Studios Made with Torque 3D

    Rokkitball brings a new level of multiplayer gaming, combining the frantic pace of a shooter with the team strategy of a real-world sport. Rocket past your opponents and score goals in a basketball-meets-the-future experience. Start a league and jet across the courts.

    Genre:  tag sports
    Platform: InstantAction Mac Windows
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    Developer Interview Series See All
    Rokkitball Q&A

    Welcome to the future of gaming: InstantAction, featuring 3D games in a browser. Alex Swanson, lead developer of popular sports arena game Rokkitball, talks about what it was like to develop for this unique web platform.

    Author Alex Swanson Date 06/12/2008 (1:47 pm) Comment 13 comments


    Tilted Mill Made with Torque 3D

    Loot, level and build with fast paced RPG combat and strategic base building. Your goal is to lead a handful of peasants to establish a small haven in the wild backcountry of a fantasy kingdom. Bring a diverse cast of followers to your settlement on the edge of the world. Can you build a vibrant settlement, lead your people to prosperity, and tame the wild Hinterland?

    Genre:  tag rpg tag rts
    Platform: Steam Direct2Drive Gamersgate Stardock Impulse Greenhouse Windows
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    Developer Interview Series See All
    Hinterland Released on Steam

    For those of you who haven't checked out Hinterland, it is a fantasy PC title that combines fast-paced RPG combat with strategic town building and a little bit of "empire building." As you conquer enemy sites you secure access to valuable resources, and acquire all sorts of loot, which in turn feeds your town. The game is already amassing a good following, and Tilted Mill is dedicated to providing additional content to the game over time as its popularity continues to grow.

    Author Deborah M. Fike Date 10/16/2008 (11:43 am) Comment 18 comments

    Marble Blast Online

    GarageGames Studios Made with Torque 360

    One of the highest revenue-generating games on Xbox Live Arcade is now available to play in your browser, and best of all, it's free. Marble Blast Online offers addictive marble action where power-ups and fast fingers are the key to jumping up the leaderboards or collecting the most gems. With both single player and multiplayer modes, there's something for everyone yearning for a little marble action.

    Genre:  tag action-adventure
    Platform: XBLA InstantAction Mac Windows
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    Lore: Aftermath

    Max Gaming Technologies Made with Torque 3D

    Bring on the Mech warfare with Lore: Aftermath. This isn't some bunny-hopping, guns blazing single player glory mission...we're talking about massive weapons of war unleashing hell onto its targets. Control your Mechanized Assault Vehicle (MAV) by customizing it down to its base chassis, weapons, engines and armor. Play with up to 16 people online. Only the strongest and the most skilled will survive!

    Genre:  tag fighting tag fps tag mech combat
    Platform: InstantAction Windows
    Watch Video
    Developer Interview Series See All
    Lore: Aftermath and Developing for InstantAction

    Max Gaming Technologies is no stranger to Torque. With games Kachinko and Lore: Invasion in our store, they have been long-time supporters of Torque since its early days. I had a chance to talk to Logan about what it was like developing Lore: Aftermath for InstantAction and thought you might enjoy his responses. Read on to hear how a team has learned from their early development experiences.

    Author Deborah M. Fike Date 03/04/2009 (11:02 am) Comment 16 comments

    Ace of Aces

    Mad Otter Made with Torque 3D

    Take to the skies in this World War I dog-fighting game! From the moment players join a session, they are launched straight into action. Focus on your aerial strategy as you deftly maneuver through the skies to take control. Fly matches with or against your friends in the biplanes and triplanes of the golden age of flight.

    Genre:  tag action-adventure tag fighting tag flight
    Platform: InstantAction Windows
    Watch Video


    GarageGames Studios Made with Torque 3D

    Jump in, take aim, and take off! ThinkTanks is a tank combat game designed to be a blast for the newbie or experienced gamer. You find yourself in a ThinkTank - just one of many brain slaves imprisoned by Alien Mind Control. You have managed to escape their brain ray, but the moment you are freed, you are besieged on all sides by insane bot-tanks. You must destroy or be destroyed. Pick your poison by choosing your tank, your battle map, and the mode of gameplay. Battle goofy tanks online or in solo mode.

    Genre:  tag action-adventure tag fighting tag mech combat
    Platform: InstantAction Mac Windows
    Watch Video

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