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  • Game Development Community

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    Community Contest #7 - Breakout

    by Geoff Beckstrom · 03/12/2012 (2:39 pm) · 45 comments



    Hours of my youth were "wasted" on this classic. I even had the special Atari Paddle controller.

    If you don't know the story of the late Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak originally developing this game for Atari you should read up here.

    For this contest give us your 2012 updated version of Breakout.

    Submissions are due Friday March 23rd (note it is NOT this Friday) 11:59 AM PDT
    Breakout is a starting point theme - if you can easily communicate how your submission is related to the idea of Breakout - it qualifies. We want to encourage creativity.

    The selected winner will receive $179 in First Party store credit to their account.

    Game On!


    The winner of this contest will have the option to have their Breakout game featured in the GarageGames' store!
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    03/23/2012 (6:10 pm)
    Impressive stuff! Congrats to all who entered. :)
    03/24/2012 (8:10 am)
    That's awesome, thank you so much. I look forward to the next contest.
    03/26/2012 (5:10 pm)
    Quote:Ill have the next contest up later tonight.

    *cough* :)
    03/26/2012 (5:17 pm)
    Heh. And I just posted it!
    04/02/2012 (4:50 am)
    brick breaker
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