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    100 blogs later...Leaving the garage

    by Michael Perry · 03/01/2016 (7:57 am) · 70 comments


    Hey everyone. Thanks for taking the time to read this blog. On top of the GG community reading this, I've sent a link of this blog to my friends and family as well. I was saving this 100th blog for something special, so here it goes...

    Roughly eight years ago I attended my first GDC. While at GDC, I finally got to meet some GarageGames employeed that I've only spoken to online. Thanks to the help of Deborah Marshall, I managed to get an introduction to Matt Fairfax...the rest was history.

    There was no turning back:

    The past eight years of my life have been an absolutely amazing experience. During my time at GarageGames, through its many iterations, so much has happened. I got married to the love of my life, had two wonderful children, and changed locations four times (Eugene, Vegas, Florida, Vancouver).

    I was first hired at GarageGames as a documentation engineer. Surprisingly, I really enjoyed writing Torque documentation and felt like it was helping everyone out. Not long after I joined, the company went through a major change and the Torque team was relocated to Las Vegas. Shortly after that, the company was shut down.

    Thanks to Eric Preisz, Erik Graham, Justin head, and Derek Bronson, GarageGames was reborn and I happily stayed with the team. Torque wasn't ready to go, so neither was I. Even more happened after this change. I watched friends come and go. Projects live and die. I helped usher in the age of Torque MIT. It has all been amazing.

    It wasn't just about Torque. It was not isolated to GarageGames, the company. The main reason I hung around "the Garage" for as long as I have is because of YOU, the GG Community. If it weren't for all of you, I would not be posting this message. Hell, if it wasn't for all of you the company would not have made it this far.

    YOU are GarageGames, no matter what happened or will happen. From the bottom of my heart, thank you. It is because of all your support, criticism, humor, hardship, and involvement that I stuck around.

    So what now? I've been thinking of getting out of games for a little while. It was a scary thought, but seemed like the right career move. Well, I've joined a really kick ass company. Perfect Company is the next chapter in my life, which I embrace fully. I hope I can give to them what I gave GarageGames: my absolute best.

    It this the end of my involvement with Torque? Is this the end of my involvement with the community? Hell no.

    I know, I know. You've heard that time and again from other folks leaving GarageGames. There's at least one final big thing I have planned for US, the community. I'm not ready to talk about it yet, but there's still a spark that can be ignited.


    Nah, this is not goodbye. This is just me changing my account status (after this blog gets read a few times). I'm leaving GarageGames the company, but I will forever be in the GarageGames community, where I belong. Again, I thank all of you for being a part of the best eight years of my life. We'll talk more.

    And to all past GarageGames founders, employees, teammates, leaders, and trench workers...you all made it happen too. I'm pretty sure I'd exceed the character limit if I took the time to thank each of you for building up one of the greatest things that existed in the tech industry. This drink is on me. THANKS!

    - Michael "Mich" Perry
    03/02/2016 (4:51 am)
    I dusted off my account too! *cough cough*

    Had a great time working with you Mich back in the day but I guess we all have to move on eventually so hope your next job is equally challenging and above all, fun!

    All the best to you and your family.

    p.s. Hey everyone!
    03/02/2016 (5:53 am)
    Okay, now that Melv has chimed in I expect Mich and Melv to get a GUI editor up and running for T2D.... I mean, seriously; it's been 5 years now. I've been too lazy myself - it's not terrible to make your GUI in T3D and convert it to T2D objects by hand (or by script if you wanted to go so far) but it clutters up the workflow.
    03/02/2016 (8:47 am)
    Wow! Did not expect other ex-GG folks stopping by. I'm honored.

    @Ben - Thank you so much for your kind words. I always enjoyed hanging out with you at the garage, especially on Rock Band nights. I wish we could have worked together more!
    03/02/2016 (8:47 am)
    @Nils - Thanks man! It will definitely be a challenge, but that's why we do what we do. Right?
    03/02/2016 (8:47 am)
    @David MB - Yo, former partner in crime! It was something special to have our paths crisscross throughout the years. I too hope we might work together again in the future.
    03/02/2016 (8:48 am)
    @Dave Young - Now there's an old face I really didn't expect. I appreciate you stopping by and praise on the docs I worked on. Memories of TorqueSchool, MyDreamRPG, and some nice heated debates are flooding back. Great times!
    03/02/2016 (8:48 am)
    @Jacob - Man, I remember the uproar when the site switched designs. Looking back now, it was the best thing that could have happened. Saying "it still works great" is an understatement. You're an all-star web dev and would be proud to work with you again. Thanks for stopping by!
    03/02/2016 (8:54 am)
    @Melv - What can I say? I learned so much working with you, especially on Torque 2D. When GG lost you, it was like losing a limb. It was no surprise that Unity's 2D systems suddenly became amazing = ). They could not have picked up better talent.

    Looking back at the 8 years I spent at GG, one of my favorite memories was hanging out with you on my birthday.

    I'd work with you on any project again, amigo. Keep up the great work and thanks for stopping by!
    03/02/2016 (8:56 am)
    @Richard - Ha! Working with Melv again would be a blast. Not sure "the other guys" would appreciate it, though ;)
    03/02/2016 (10:31 am)
    Good luck for the future. You've been a pillar to this community and I'm glad you'll still be sticking around to continue that. I can't imagine Torque 2D and no Mr Perry with it :)
    03/02/2016 (2:37 pm)
    Wow! The last of the GG Eugene crew sails off to a new adventure =)

    Mich, you've touched many, many lives over the years through GarageGames and I fully expect you will do even more amazing things in the future!
    03/02/2016 (2:37 pm)
    :( Sorry to hear you left but wish you good luck. I'm still using Torque2D and 3D and will continue to do so. Thanks for all you have done for the community.
    03/02/2016 (3:07 pm)
    Thanks for all the great years Mich. =) It's a bit emotional to see you go. Best of luck to you and your family!
    03/02/2016 (4:00 pm)
    @Chip - Of course! I was a community member before I was an employee, so it makes sense to stay a community member. Always enjoyed our interactions. Oh, and as usual: No Mr. Perry. Mich now and forever, you know that! =)

    @Michael C - Don't frown. There's a lot of life and love left in this community, as well as Torque. I'm changing jobs, but not gone for good.

    @Stefan - Glad I'm not the only one emotional. My wife is giving me crap about being sappy and worked up about this dinky little blog. But I know it's community members like you who have put in as much effort and feel the same kind of bond. Thanks man!
    03/02/2016 (4:03 pm)
    @Matt Fairfax - Like I mentioned in the blog itself, none of this would have been possible without you. You championed me into GarageGames and kept me motivated to do my best. From my documentation effort to my transition back into coding, you have always been supportive.

    Within a month of moving back to the Pac NW, I had to visit Eugene and walk by the old office. It was both sad and surreal, remembering all the great times we had. All the discussions, potlucks, games, and development. I'm proud to have shared that time with you. More than anything, I'm happy you have been doing so well since GG and look forward to more talks. We should catch up outside of this blog.
    03/03/2016 (6:05 am)
    Hi Mich,

    thank you for your time and life spent to support GarageGame and its community, us!

    I wish you as much passion and a softer life planning in the future, especially with family.

    PS : left GG forums for a while, but logged in too to salute you :-)
    03/03/2016 (7:01 am)

    I just got started with T2D and T3D. I was looking for a game engine to work with. Two things made the decision for me. The first, was tripping over your blogs and tutorial videos. I dove in and things worked just as you wrote them. The second was this GG community. Whenever I ran into a problem, I jumped into the large amount of notes, hints, things to watch out for. Not once have I had to "post" a question that someone else had already tripped over. You were one of the reasons why I went with the GG engine. After diving into this, the pool of knowledge still seems endless. I hope you don't ride away into the sunset. We all understand that family comes first.
    I really feel bad not ever having to ask you a question, but the answers always seemed to be already there.
    I use a MAC and PC for both T2D and T3D, I purchased AppCode based on your suggestion and have not looked back.
    So, here is my first question? Where can I get your AppCode scripts (plugins) you spoke about?
    It seems like I missed an 8 year adventure........8^(
    Congrats though, I do hope you stay in touch with this excellent GG community.
    03/03/2016 (5:43 pm)
    I guess I should remember not to cut onions when reading stuff like this -- stupid onions. Thank you for always being their for the community. I think you will do awesome no matter where you decide to go.
    03/04/2016 (10:55 am)
    Sorry to see you go. I always enjoyed reading your blogs and posts. Best of luck to you on your new job, though! I'm sure we'll see you again.
    03/05/2016 (2:48 pm)
    Before Michael Perry,
    Torque presented The Wall.
    Developers came, and departed,
    And always rose the Call:

    How, how, the Why!

    And only dated TGE forums to answer the cry.

    Mssrs. Maurina and Finney,
    Had valiantly essayed the field,
    But fallen they were,
    Dead trees left behind small reveal.

    Most of us you see,
    Are not enlightened masters
    Of the Inner C--without docs
    Everything's a disaster.

    We can't read code
    and just know,
    We need a road map
    Before we can grow.

    Came Michael Perry,
    Understanding was kindled,
    His documentation
    Has permanent home on my spindle!

    How, how, the Why!

    It really matters,
    If you want your engine to fly!

    (Unity faces the very same bump,
    It's why I haven't switched,
    It's not worth the bust to my hump.)

    There were two factors which finally got me moving forward on my game with T3D.

    The first was my decision to stop porting upwards after 1.1 and work on the game, instead of upgrading the engine constantly.

    The second was Michael's documentation project.

    I can't really separate them.

    Now, some years later, the game is taking its first baby stumbles towards stable functionality and fun, has a small cadre of testers, and advances forward (if only at a glacial pace).

    Could not have gotten there--here--without you Mr. Perry. I refer to your CHMTL bundle on my iPad every single day. Thank you.

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