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  • Game Development Community

    Visitors: First Contact game dev progress.

    Check out the new trailer featuring gameplay footage from the game. You can now view it on YouTube or my website.

    Author Sorin Daraban Date 07/30/2020 (10:40 am) Comment 0 comments

    New game trailer released.

    New trailer for my game has been released. You can either view it on YouTube or on my website where more info and pictures are available for viewing.

    Author Sorin Daraban Date 03/08/2019 (3:39 pm) Comment 3 comments

    My game's progress.

    Latest development update on the progress on my soon to be released Sci-fi game, as well as some in-game images just posted on my website.

    Author Sorin Daraban Date 01/07/2019 (3:41 pm) Comment 2 comments

    Anybody here?

    Looooooooong time past, GG changed a lot and me too. I am back to gamedev with new thoughts and wider vision. Whats next?

    Author Maxim Lyulyukin aka "Robomaniac" Date 04/08/2018 (6:02 am) Comment 6 comments

    Torque 3D 3.10.1 Hotfix Released!

    A hotfix for Torque 3D, version 3.10.1 has been released. Inside is info pertaining the hotfix, the changelog, links to builds and some details for the next major point release!

    Author Jeff Raab Date 04/04/2018 (11:45 pm) Comment 0 comments

    We've got a discord server now!

    Hey guys, great news! We've got a discord server set up, so feel free to swing on in and hang out or talk about development stuff/get help.

    Author Jeff Raab Date 02/27/2018 (12:37 pm) Comment 0 comments

    Material Jam - a new source of digital materials.

    On Material Jam you can find only high quality seamless textures. Some of them have normal and specular maps associated. All materials come with royalty free license and can be used right away in your projects.

    Author Lyubomir Mandzhukov Date 02/03/2018 (11:52 pm) Comment 2 comments

    Tribes will never die :) See MIDAIR

    Midair Early Access Looks like Tribes will never die and I think that is a good thing. I'm not crazy about the art style but omg it brings back wonderful memories.

    Author Michael Cozzolino Date 09/04/2017 (11:32 am) Comment 2 comments

    Macro and Micro: Quests in the Romadi Steppes

    Been doing some programming on the quest system. Have now gotten the "Escort" type quest mission working. It's very simple, although getting it bootstrapped was a bit of a headache.

    Author Netwyrm Date 06/20/2017 (6:30 pm) Comment 1 comments

    How to Write a Mobile 2D-game by yourself

    The second edition of my book is released! The development of 4 games of different genres examines during a book. Since the central theme of the book is a cross-platform engine Torque 2D.

    Author yurembo Date 05/01/2017 (9:37 am) Comment 3 comments

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