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    Multi-Touch Table Side Project

    by William Lee Sims · 03/11/2012 (7:07 pm) · 7 comments

    I'm truly sorry that I've not been on the T2D forums as much as I would like, but I have my excuses all prepared!

    The Distraction

    Last September I took a job in the defense industry. It was a horrible gig, but it overvalued my time in a way I couldn't ignore. That slowed down development to a crawl.

    The Return

    After I year, I quit the job and got back to work with our company, Machine Code Games. Yippee! We finished Labyrinth: Caverns of 2073. We also finished a small Android app for the Korean Marketplace.

    The Future

    Now we've started on a new on-line project. It's a collectible card game based upon our 2073 Universe. It's our first attempt at this, so we're going to document our progress on blog, CCG 2073: A Journey from PC Games to the Online World.

    Finally, I've been heavily modifying T2D to support multi-touch.

    We've got 9 games completed with 2 more on the way. Most are in T2D, but two are in Javascript/Canvas/Chrome.

    Completed Games:
    • Bulletball - Keep the silver ball away from your base.
    • Concentration Sweep - A combination of the card matching game and Mine Sweeper.
    • Gem Hoarder - A commercial game that I will not name, but is great for simultaneous play.
    • Solitaire Dice - A game created by Sid Sackson that turns randomness into competition.
    • Space Shooter - An arcade game of spaceships fighting it out.
    • Wits and Wagers - A tool that helps the game "Wits and Wagers" go much more quickly.
    • Yacht - A fair version of the pre-cursor to Yahtzee.
    • Hold 'Em - A poker game.
    • Golf - A quick card game to play in the middle of game days between harder games.

    Almost Complete Games:
    • Tropical Treasure - Race others to find treasure on an island.
    • Hansa Teutonica - A commerical board game that we're trying to convince the publisher to make.

    Here's video of some of the completed games in actions:

    03/12/2012 (6:53 am)
    This table and games are awesome! Good job.
    03/12/2012 (8:08 am)
    That is cool. You should add 4 sets of arcade joysticks to each side for arcade games :)
    03/12/2012 (2:14 pm)
    Is that a TouchTable[TM]... or what is it? It's pretty cool and I've always wanted something like that.
    03/12/2012 (3:31 pm)
    It's a ZaagTech frame over a TV. The frames support a variety of simultaneous touches (6, 10, 16, 32, 40), with more touches costing more. I got the 32-touch frame because we imagined (and have since proved) that 8 people can play around it and each may use up to 3 fingers simultaneously (for 24 touches).

    The frames are available at Mesa Mundi. They support TVs from 32-inch to 70-inch (although I think they support any size).
    03/12/2012 (4:43 pm)
    That is so awesome!
    03/12/2012 (5:29 pm)
    By the way, I didn't ignore your games. They look great! I love the fact that you incorporated the horizontal hand touch as the show cards feature in Hold'Em Poker. Was that a T2D game?
    03/12/2012 (7:51 pm)
    There's a mode built into the frame to detect palms (objects larger than a finger). Hold'Em is Javascript and Canvas (done by a friend). It was his idea to use the horizontal hand touch and it works surprisingly well! We'll probably incorporate it into more games that have hidden information.

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