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    Community Contest #9 - Multiplayer

    by Geoff Beckstrom · 04/24/2012 (11:06 am) · 52 comments

    Okay - we had a bit of a disappointing drop off in entries for the Military Training contest. However - with the success on the Breakout winner and the Military Training winners we know that playable entries is something we want to do.

    Before coming to GG, I spent 6 years working for a small e-learning company that developed Microsoft Office training courses. We had a group of 8-12 guys that would log on for lunch every day to play Call of Duty 2. We would play a couple rounds of capture the flag, followed by a couple of rounds of team death match. Internally tracked, cumulative running leader boards made this some serious inter office competition. I miss the camaraderie and competition of those lunch time battles but it brings me to a great contest idea.

    "Give us the best multiplayer experience for a small group of 4-8 (maybe even up to 12-15) people"

    That's it. You take it from there. Military theme - ok, Fantasy theme - ok, My Little Pony theme - hmmm, well, maybe not the best chance of winning. Team death match, death match, strategy, again that is up to you.

    We are not expecting polished or bug free entries. We do want to be able to launch and play the game but we know what Beta and even Alpha stages of a game look like.

    So here are the dirty details:

    Plenty of time - entries aren't due for a month - Friday May 25th.

    To encourage more entries - there will be a winner (or winning team if you pair up) for every 4 entries. If 12 people put up their stuff - we will give away 3 awards.

    Game On!

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    04/24/2012 (12:13 pm)
    For any iTorque 2D users who want to participate, don't forget there is a free resource that implements turn-based networking. Torque 2D users also have access to standard turn-based networking for PC and Mac.
    04/24/2012 (12:58 pm)
    I think I'll give this one a shot. Perhaps a reason more people don't participate is because of the scale of the projects. A military training sim is an awfully big task to take on, especially when so many of us have limited free time.

    If the tasks were smaller I'd certainly participate more often, even if the prizes were smaller/nonexistent.
    04/24/2012 (1:11 pm)
    This one looks to be a potential entry source for me...
    04/24/2012 (1:51 pm)
    Robert I will be excited to see and play your entry.

    Maxwell I hope you do decide to participate and I will be excited to play your entry as well. I am always open and available for suggestions. Coming up with new ideas is not as easy as you might think. But you make a fair point regarding scale. Hopefully this gives everyone enough time and enough freedom to give it a go!
    04/24/2012 (5:05 pm)
    To be fair the last contest was during Easter, spring break, and tax time. It was also near the end of a financial quarter. It really does not surprise me that it dropped off. I would say it was less interest, but more "just timing".

    I really like the new contest topic. I also like your reward system this time. That definitely will spur people on.
    04/24/2012 (7:25 pm)
    Can we give a near ready prototyped game to the contest? What is need to do? (where to send the game?)

    seems to be a awesome contest for me :)
    04/24/2012 (10:13 pm)
    I might actually get around to entering this - just thought of an idea that would be perfect...
    04/24/2012 (10:29 pm)
    Sweet! I'm really glad that you've decided to continue this contest idea despite last time's low number of entries!

    Now to find a neat multiplayer idea...
    04/24/2012 (11:54 pm)
    Having that much time is great. I stupidly missed that the last contest was 3 weeks long, not 1. I will try to participate in this one!
    04/25/2012 (4:53 am)
    If I could resolve my terrain texture issues, I would try to enter this one :P
    04/25/2012 (8:38 am)
    When you are ready to submit a game email me geoffb [AT] www.twsanpi.cn and I will give you FTP instructions. I will then do a virus check on your zipped file and test to make sure the game opens and plays. Then I will post it to my dropbox account and post a download link for everyone here in the blog comments.

    You can then add any YouTube videos or other promotions for your entry here on the blog.

    @Frank: Excellent points. I think we will see some great participation for this one.

    @D Fasel: If you have a prototype I would recommend taking some time to polish it between now and May 25th and then submit using the instructions above.
    04/25/2012 (11:04 am)
    Damn! Finally a contest i might have been able to make a decent prototype before deadline and then it lies parallel with all my written exams! Better luck next time then :/ Hope i can make some room for this!
    04/25/2012 (1:32 pm)
    Afaik we have to work on games created after this announcement.
    But what about code snippets from earlier projects? :P Like AI or some spell scripts, can we import that? Or does it have to be from scratch? :P
    04/25/2012 (1:53 pm)
    Since there is no way for me to know if someone has worked on a project from scratch from the announcement of the contest and I have no desire to really police the issue I am leaving this to the best judgment and integrity of you the community members.

    Submitting a full game prototype that you have on the shelf that happens to fit the contest = probably not the most honest option.

    Taking code snippets and/or using 3rd party packs and the Chinatown Demo assets to jump start an idea specifically for the contest: 100% okay and encouraged.

    I am thinking of taking the Chinatown Demo myself and doing something - not eligible for a prize of course :)
    04/25/2012 (9:56 pm)
    So for the final entry can I use Torque art, such as the character models/animations already provided?
    04/26/2012 (2:15 am)
    This is a contest I was hoping to come up. You can count on my entry!
    04/26/2012 (9:06 am)
    @Morrock: That is correct. You can use provided art, including all of the Chinatown assets in the Torque 3D Demo for an entry.
    04/26/2012 (1:47 pm)
    I want to do this but, I kind of want an 3D modeler artist since I can just do the programming stuff. Any artists want to help?
    04/26/2012 (5:38 pm)
    This is a great contest and I'll be submitting for this one.

    I've had an idea and been lazy now time to get it done!
    04/26/2012 (9:37 pm)
    Can I take my entry from the last contest(a single-player tutorial with almost nothing functional) and expand it to use in this contest(a full multiplayer game with a complete set of features)? I'd like to see how my work would rank against others, an opportunity I didn't get last time.
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