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    Torque 2D 3.1 Available Now!

    by Michael Perry · 08/14/2014 (8:07 am) · 10 comments

    Torque 2D 3.1 Official Release

    At the end of the 3.0 release blog, we mentioned wanting to review how changes are pushed from the development branch into master. Today, Torque 2D 3.1 is the result of that effort. It's easy to forget when using the development branch as your daily engine environment, just how far behind master branch/binary users can be in terms of bug fixes and feature additions. By accelerating the release of code changes, we gain some nice benefits - overall testing is made easier and we get more people using the latest version of the engine.

    Here are the most important links:
    As a community effort, we depend on Torque developers taking the time to test and send pull requests to the official repository. Without that, an update like this is not possible. So a big thank you to everyone who contributed in some way, shape, or form to the active development on Github.

    What's New in 3.1

    Bitmap Fonts for GuiTextControls
    In addition to the TrueType font support that has always been available, developers now have the option to use bitmap fonts in their GUIs. The format is .fnt which is from AngelCode's bmfont software. Not only is bmfont a free Windows program, but there are a lot of resources out there that also make use of this format.

    An example of what not to do when overwriting a 12 point system font with a 36 point bitmap font:
    Custom Data in CompositeSprites
    CompositeSprite was one of the best new features introduced with the open source version of Torque 2D. Now they are even better with the addition of custom user data that can be attached to each sprite in the composite. Here's what the author of this addition, Simon Love, had to say about it:
    Quote:Whenever I am using a CompositeSprite as a tilemap, I always have some information that I need to attach to a tile. Terrain type, passable/impassable, valid directions, you name it! Now with UserData, here's all you have to do to associate a string to any individual sprite in the CompositeSprite.
    // Associate a string with the sprite.
    CompositeSprite.addSprite("5 5");
    CompositeSprite.setSpriteUserData("grass passable 42");
    // Retrieve the data.
    CompositeSprite.selectSprite("5 5");
    %string = CompositeSprite.getSpriteUserData();

    Change List

    Below is a list of changes that were made to the development branch since 3.0 and are now tagged under the 3.1 update:

    • Bugfix: Xinput Thumbstick dead zone
    • Bugfix: Type fixes for ImageFont script methods
    • Bugfix: Joystick axis triggering Actionmap bindings
    • Bugfix: Type mismatch in WinDirectInput file
    • Bugfix: Pointer issue with mXInputLib
    • Bugfix: BuoyancyController area field when read by Taml
    • Bugfix: ParticleAsset getSelectedField now returns the name properly
    • Bugfix: Stopped the engine from crashing when reading in ParticleAsset fields without non-default keys
    • Bugfix: Conversion issue with ParticlePlayer getEmitterPaused and getEmitterVisible
    • API: Added getJoystickCount function for non-Xinput devices
    • API: Added getSpriteId method for CompositeSprite
    • Feature: Bitmap font support for Gui classes
    • Bugfix: ParticleAsset warning/crash when cloning
    • API: Fixed doxygen instructions for setTargetCameraArea
    • Feature: GuiSpriteCtrl overhaul
    • Bugfix: ShapeVector setLineColor and setFillColor now properly work with stock color input
    • Change: Taml now writes out booleans as false/true instead of 0/1 for static fields
    • Bugfix: XInput console warnings for out of range device index
    • Feature: CompositeSprite UserData field exposed to script
    • Bugfix: Properly escaping the Taml JSON text buffer
    • Bugfix: Taml can now properly read object names in JSON format
    • Bugfix: Replace char with UTF8 in stream.h
    • Bugfix: String to mask conversions for CollisionLayers and CollisionGroups
    • Bugfix: Print warnings for invalid Xinput device index

    Showing Off

    It is always great to see how developers are using T2D. A special nod in this department needs to be given to practicing01. He's been a prolific contributor to the Torque 2D ShowOff(); thread, posting a lot of videos of game ideas he has implemented. And best of all, a lot of that script code can be found in his Github repo. So a big thanks to practicing01 for all he's done to enrich the T2D community!

    What's Next

    We're going to continue with a quarterly release schedule, which means T2D 3.2 should be available before the end of the year. The contents will largely be decided by you, the community. Working on something interesting in your fork of T2D? Let us know either here or in the forums! Until next time, happy developing!

    Mich's Notes

    I want to emphasize that Mike more or less drove this point release. I have been extremely busy with relocating across the country and some heavy deadlines for work. Mike handled the pull requests, tech talks with folks like Simon, repo management, and writing this blog. I'm only posting under my account to make sure the blog gets decent visibility, but Mike should get a lot of credit for this release. Huzzah for Mike! Thanks for all the good effort.

    08/14/2014 (11:13 am)
    Go Mike! Go Mich! Go T2D! Go Practicing01!

    3.1 appears significantly more stable and easier to work with!
    08/14/2014 (10:02 pm)
    Nice work, guys! The new release schedule sounds like a good idea; we'll be taking notes over in T3D land to see if we can learn a thing or two about timely releases...
    08/15/2014 (3:26 am)
    wonderful~~by the way,is there any news about T3D?
    08/15/2014 (9:23 am)
    Sounds great! Gj T2D team!

    yashamaru lots of news about T3D I'm sure the SC will let you know when the next T3D version is released you can follow T3D milestone progres here but we should keep this thread clear of T3D stuff :P
    08/17/2014 (9:13 am)
    surprises and good news! I'm curious to know, is there a progres in the line of editors?
    09/07/2014 (9:24 am)
    I'm too late but it's so great!
    One question: is this version has Mac OS X Leap Motion Controller support out of the box?
    09/07/2014 (10:20 am)
    @yurembo - Yes. However, I believe the Leap SDK integrated into T2D is not up to date with the latest release from Leap Motion.
    10/05/2014 (1:09 am)
    well done! I find out the spine is very old version, when to update?

    BTW, could T2D support Dragonbones?
    10/06/2014 (9:40 am)
    @DieRich - yes, the original Spine support added in 3.0 is a bit out of date now. Unfortunately no one from the company that makes Spine or someone from our community has decided to tackle the engine changes needed to support the newest features. Some of that work is not trivial though, mesh support would require a complete overhaul of the rendering system for example.

    As for Dragonbones support, it looks like they have a C++ API, so it should be possible for T2D to support it. Like Spine, it all comes down to who from the community is willing to take the time to implement such updates or features - until someone volunteers, questions like "when" can't be answered.
    10/20/2014 (2:15 pm)
    Can I ask what ever happened to creating editors like the commercial version used to have? This would make me very happy!

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