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    Medusa Pro version 1.03 Released

    by Matthew Genge · 12/03/2014 (3:29 am) · 3 comments

    Medusa Pro is a rock model creator for T3D that can produce models of boulders, cliffs, crags, pillars, arches and even small caves. Medusa models are randomly created using real geological principles and can show bedding, folds and fractures. Each template (rock type) can be used to generate a huge variety of realistic models. Medusa Pro can also automatically generate and export LODs and collision meshes for seamless import into T3D. An example of a scene created using Medusa Pro is shown below:


    We've just released version 1.03 of Medusa Pro that adds a normal editor allowing the normals on models to be tweaked to preference. There are now editors allowing customisation and editing of individual vertex positions, normals and UV coordinates. As always updates are free. This release also applies to the free version of Medusa Pro.

    Medusa Pro can be downloaded from our website. A free version of Medusa Pro is available that allows exporting of a limited number of rock types. The registered version of Medusa is $30.


    An updater is available if you have already installed Medusa.

    12/05/2014 (9:39 am)
    Wow, looks great guys!

    Just out of curiosity, do all your products export solely to T3D, or have you looked into other export options as well?
    12/05/2014 (10:35 am)
    Someone developing tools solely for T3D... too good to be true.
    There are export options for almost every big engine or modeling tool.
    12/05/2014 (2:48 pm)
    It's mentioned in the blog on Forester Pro that 6 games engines are supported.

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