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    Uebergame v0.01 Alpha Release

    by Duion · 12/05/2014 (6:56 pm) · 2 comments

    Here it is, the first early release of my game.
    It took quite a while to get it done, since my first attempts failed, then I was not satisfied with it and then I had a longer break from game development, but now I hurried to get it done.
    First I reworked my art style to be more consistent through the whole game, by using all my own textures and models, then I build a test level for simple deathmatch gameplay with it and finally made it work so it can be played like a real game.
    I also managed to get a master server running so players can easily connect to each other over the internet.

    Yes, there is not much content yet, but my first goal was to get the basics working, so I have at least some working game to test with.

    Since my game is designed to be free and open source, you can improve on it or build something else with it, if you want, I kept the original MIT license.
    The art assets I plan to release as CC0 (public domain) separately also on my website with source files, I will add them, when I have enough time to do it. But the game-ready assets can be used right out of the game in the editor, it was planned to also offer some kind of art framework with my project, with better stock art for the people who don't want to build a full game and just play around, build some levels or test their scripts with something.

    So you are welcome to use my game and my art either to improve the game with new content or modify it and build something your own.
    I hope this can turn into some kind of community project, since my own workforce is limited, I cannot put more than all my free time into it. Also I don't want to push it into a specific direction, you can do anything you want with it (if you keep the license), or make any suggestion you want, the license allows it.

    And of course the link to my project homepage: www.duion.com/games/uebergame/main
    You can also use the hotlink to download the file directly: www.duion.com/files/games/Uebergame_0.01.zip

    So maybe we can see us in the game and play a few rounds.

    PS: I also made a steam greenlight concept page for the game, it is not real greenlight, just a concept page to test how the feedback is and to try to build a community to get some players.
    So give it a visit, if you want: steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=350363688 you can also vote for it, but the votes do not count yet, since my game is by far not ready yet.

    About the author

    http://www.duion.com - Human Paradigm Specialist

    12/06/2014 (7:06 am)
    Congratulations. Well done.
    12/06/2014 (7:09 pm)
    Cool! Looking forward to seeing more content and gameplay. Got some good feedback on Greenlight already ;).

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