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    Christmas Deal on Forester Pro and Medusa Pro

    by Matthew Genge · 12/22/2014 (7:26 am) · 2 comments

    Forester Pro creates trees and plants for T3D and Medusa Pro creates rocks including arches, cliffs and small caves. Both applications randomly generate models at a click of a button, as well as allowing you to create customised models. Forester and Medusa both automatically create LODs and collision meshes ready to be imported seamlessly into the world editor.

    To celebrate the christmas season we'll give you two free tree packs with Forester Pro (Temperate Tree Pack 1 and Conifer Tree Pack 1) and two free rock packs (Mountain Rock Pack 1 and Volcanic Rock Pack 1) with Medusa Pro. These packs add new types of model that can be generated automatically.

    Medusa and Forester Pro are $30 each. A free version of both applications is available.



    12/23/2014 (8:09 am)
    What a time saver this Medusa Pro tool is. I had mountains and cliffs in a few clicks and even could randomize them :O)

    A tool all should have in their folders during a production.

    Makes me wonder what the forester pro can do.... Hmm.... :O)

    12/27/2014 (6:46 am)
    Well, I was just waiting for an excuse to get these anyway.. Now I have one, thanks! *grabs wallet*

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