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    A good book for understanding 3D engines

    by Michael Flynn · 12/29/2014 (10:11 am) · 2 comments

    This is a Learning Resource suggestion:
    Although this book is old it's educational value is still great.

    Long ago when I started in Torque 3D, I purchased every book on it I could find, and still do!
    I also purchased other books to learn from.
    I'v got one book I highly recommend that anyone wanting to learn how a game engine works.

    The book is call: Tricks of the 3D game programming gurus, advance 3D graphics and rasterization.
    ISBM:0-672-31835-0 Published by SAMS. Search Internet by ISBN number.

    It goes into detailed explanation of design and building a 3D engine, wire frame, Z buffering mip mapping, C# code is included, a person who studies and reads this book can write a 3D engine. It includes games that you create with it. Now it's not a replacement for Torque of course but I believe its a must for anyone who truly wants to understand the complexities of how a 3D engine works.

    Note this book is 3 inches thick!!

    About the author

    Associates in Applied Technologies. Beginner Game programmer, and 3D modeler. Torque 3D Version 1.2 Licensed Version.

    12/29/2014 (1:37 pm)
    I'd say Tricks of the Windows Programming Gurus is good, too.


    Those last two are bonus material - 3D in DirectX and OpenGL....
    12/31/2014 (12:45 pm)
    Ahhh yes, I have all 3 books! as I said I buy anything Torque related.
    I haven't had a chance to purchase the latest books out for Torque yet, but there on my list.

    Iv also got the books:
    Game Programmers Guild to Torque ISBN:1-56881-284-1 (Walks threw making simple game)
    Torque for Teens, Volumes 1 and 2 ,books are good for giving kids or first time game programmers and idea of what Torque is but they do not teach programming or scripting.

    You can never have too much source material to pull from when your programming.

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