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    afxTacNuke: WIP preview

    by Gibby · 02/19/2015 (3:05 pm) · 1 comments

    Greets all:

    Here's work-in-Progress look at 'afxTacNuke', the beginning of a modular weapon system that uses afx technology by ArcaneFX. This first, working building block uses the afx 'Fire in the Sky' assets to simulate an ICBM launch:

    I'm still working on original art for the particle effects and effectrons but for now, it works in tandem with UAISK bots to fend off enemy attackers. I'll be extending it to be able to animate and control weapons for AABatterys, Rocket Launchers, Submarines and other vehicles, as well as player-mounted weapons/effects. In this case, I animated a missile silo model, and scripted its opening, steam escaping, casting of a 'MagicMissile', and closing. It can be mounted on a vehicle and used by the controlling player, or by a master AI.

    02/20/2015 (12:52 pm)
    And here's the mounted version - afxPolaris. The subs are vehicles mounted to a pathShape, which follows a random path generated from a set of pre-existing nodes. Via schedule, triggers or player commands, the subs can fire missiles or surface to deploy troops. Still a lot of work to go but for now they confound the landborne players in the middle of the island...

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