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    100 blogs later...Leaving the garage

    by Michael Perry · 03/01/2016 (7:57 am) · 70 comments


    Hey everyone. Thanks for taking the time to read this blog. On top of the GG community reading this, I've sent a link of this blog to my friends and family as well. I was saving this 100th blog for something special, so here it goes...

    Roughly eight years ago I attended my first GDC. While at GDC, I finally got to meet some GarageGames employeed that I've only spoken to online. Thanks to the help of Deborah Marshall, I managed to get an introduction to Matt Fairfax...the rest was history.

    There was no turning back:

    The past eight years of my life have been an absolutely amazing experience. During my time at GarageGames, through its many iterations, so much has happened. I got married to the love of my life, had two wonderful children, and changed locations four times (Eugene, Vegas, Florida, Vancouver).

    I was first hired at GarageGames as a documentation engineer. Surprisingly, I really enjoyed writing Torque documentation and felt like it was helping everyone out. Not long after I joined, the company went through a major change and the Torque team was relocated to Las Vegas. Shortly after that, the company was shut down.

    Thanks to Eric Preisz, Erik Graham, Justin head, and Derek Bronson, GarageGames was reborn and I happily stayed with the team. Torque wasn't ready to go, so neither was I. Even more happened after this change. I watched friends come and go. Projects live and die. I helped usher in the age of Torque MIT. It has all been amazing.

    It wasn't just about Torque. It was not isolated to GarageGames, the company. The main reason I hung around "the Garage" for as long as I have is because of YOU, the GG Community. If it weren't for all of you, I would not be posting this message. Hell, if it wasn't for all of you the company would not have made it this far.

    YOU are GarageGames, no matter what happened or will happen. From the bottom of my heart, thank you. It is because of all your support, criticism, humor, hardship, and involvement that I stuck around.

    So what now? I've been thinking of getting out of games for a little while. It was a scary thought, but seemed like the right career move. Well, I've joined a really kick ass company. Perfect Company is the next chapter in my life, which I embrace fully. I hope I can give to them what I gave GarageGames: my absolute best.

    It this the end of my involvement with Torque? Is this the end of my involvement with the community? Hell no.

    I know, I know. You've heard that time and again from other folks leaving GarageGames. There's at least one final big thing I have planned for US, the community. I'm not ready to talk about it yet, but there's still a spark that can be ignited.


    Nah, this is not goodbye. This is just me changing my account status (after this blog gets read a few times). I'm leaving GarageGames the company, but I will forever be in the GarageGames community, where I belong. Again, I thank all of you for being a part of the best eight years of my life. We'll talk more.

    And to all past GarageGames founders, employees, teammates, leaders, and trench workers...you all made it happen too. I'm pretty sure I'd exceed the character limit if I took the time to thank each of you for building up one of the greatest things that existed in the tech industry. This drink is on me. THANKS!

    - Michael "Mich" Perry
    03/06/2016 (10:06 am)
    I've pretty much been at lurker status for quite some time. But every time I've popped in to see how things are going, you've been one of the hands (if not THE hand) visibly pushing the cart when things feel a bit like a ghost town. Thanks for that. And the docs ... and well, everything. Man, this feels like the end of an era.

    Of course, best of luck in all your new endeavors.

    It's amazing to see everyone from over the years pop up. So, before everyone wanders off again, I have one important question that's nagged forever. Who the heck was Killer Bunny?

    And, less pressingly, is someone going to take over making occasional blog updates?
    03/07/2016 (6:54 am)
    Good luck and thank you for all your hard work. This is a bit selfish but are the other demos going to still be released as MIT?
    03/09/2016 (2:26 pm)
    Hey man what a ride uh?
    Happy to see you're good, and pushing forward.

    Plenty of guys here will agree that GG marked a point in many lives and careers. Im among those that know that wouldn't be standing where Im now, without the original GarageGames, without Torque, and without its incredible community.

    Life goes on though, and people makes good on taking the next step when its time.

    Thank you and farewell Centaur Mich!
    03/10/2016 (11:21 am)
    I guess I need to check these blogs more! Good luck at your new job. I'm sure they don't realize what a great employee they just got.

    Also, now that it's not work, can't wait to see some awesome pull requests from you in T2D. If you need guidance I have a list ;)
    03/18/2016 (7:34 pm)
    Sorry for the delay in replies everyone. I could probably blame that on work and all the craziness that comes with a new job...but honestly I think I was too awestruck by Netwyrm.

    @Netwyrm - WOW! No one has ever used me in a rhyme before. The last piece of poetry related to me at all was one my wife gave me years ago when we first started dating. Holy cow, I have no words. You carved out your time to write something (IMO) really awesome related to my adventure at GarageGames. THIS IS WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT. The community, in all our faults and glory, is truly impressive. Thank you. I had to show this to her the minute I saw it pop up in my e-mail.

    I would not have have made that CHTML if it weren't for all of you, nor without the support of several other folks at GG, Sickhead Games, and so on. Many people worked crazy hours to put that together. Thanks for making it all worth it =)
    03/18/2016 (7:35 pm)
    @Jason - You're welcome and thank you for your participation. What demos do you want to see at MIT? Just let me know and I will work it out.
    03/18/2016 (7:40 pm)
    @Novack - Old friend and fellow passenger in this crazy ride. Yeah, many of us would not be where we are if it weren't for Torque and GarageGames. For me, that's both in character and career. You and I have worked together so much over the years, even if it was unofficial. Centaur Mich hopes we stay in touch =)

    03/18/2016 (7:43 pm)
    @Peter - Thank you for the kind words. I think I'm lucky for the company I now work for and the team I'm on. Surprisingly, there are 3 ex-GG employees at the company and I could not be happier working with them. It's a great group of people and I'm already having a blast.

    As for T2D, I don't know about pull request, but I will be creating some very neat things with the engine and will gladly share that with all of you.
    03/18/2016 (7:49 pm)
    @Kent - Lurkers are some of my favorite =). They keep a watchful eye, but spend more time in code than they do communicating. I can definitely relate to that, GG always noticed users like you.

    Quote: I have one important question that's nagged forever. Who the heck was Killer Bunny?
    I have no clue. Nor do I know the Sarah Connor or any of the other folks who shocked this community.

    Quote:And, less pressingly, is someone going to take over making occasional blog updates?
    Ummmmm, maybe? I mean, if you want me to keep making blogs, I can keep making blogs. It really is dependent on the next steps for GG, which I have far less influence over than I did in the past. I'll make some calls and see what's up.
    03/19/2016 (2:08 am)
    Good Journey...


    Teela: Don't say goodbye. Say Good Journey.
    Man-At-Arms: It is an old Eternian saying. Live the journey, for every destination is but a doorway to another.

    Thanks for all your hard work as a GG employee and as a member of the community hope all goes well for you with your new journey.
    03/21/2016 (4:03 pm)
    Sorry for my late reply. I was just hoping that the Mars, Deathball and Burg demos didn't get lost in limbo. I really believe they're going MIT would enrich the Torque experience. Especially the characters and animations. Thanks again Michael.
    03/21/2016 (5:14 pm)
    @Jason - Those were handed off to the T3D steering committee months ago. I haven't checked on their status since I received confirmation the files were transferred.
    03/22/2016 (11:27 am)

    Planning to have those go out with 3.9(tenatively slated for the end of april).
    Been busy cracking on getting the major elements done, so they haven't gotten that last bit of polishing, but the should be released with T3D 3.9 :)
    03/25/2016 (7:22 am)
    Wow, that's fantastic! Thank you. That's incredible about 3.9 too. I'm working on a Blender armature that is compatible with the Gideon animations. I think it will help new users and non-artists but especially making 3d max required. Thanks for taking the time, jeff.
    03/26/2016 (6:49 pm)
    Congrats man I hope it all works out for U and ill see U around here thanks for all the hard work U have give us and GG ur Awsome

    03/27/2016 (3:18 pm)
    Thanks Mitch, for all the hard work through all those years and good luck on this new journey.
    04/01/2016 (9:38 am)
    Late to the party as usual..... Good luck Mich - keep being awesome man! :)
    04/02/2016 (7:59 pm)
    GG did not keep rising.
    So fate.
    This is fate.
    i wish you a happy voyage
    04/03/2016 (7:01 am)
    So sad to see you go Mitch. All the best!
    04/18/2016 (7:04 pm)
    I'm a bit late to this, but it's been great participating in these forums over the last decade. Best of luck to you in your new adventure, Mitch!

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