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    Torque 3D 3.10 is released!

    by Jeff Raab · 02/07/2017 (6:18 pm) · 4 comments

    Hey everyone!

    This post announces excellent news, and that news is the release of Torque3D 3.10!

    This was originally plotted to just be a simple bugfix release, but some new features snuck in and a lot of fixes and improvements followed along for the right, so 3.10 is actually quite the doozy of a release. To wit, 3.10 represents 144 pull requests, totaling to a rather monstrous 423 commits, done by 14 various participants - before even mentioning of all those who tested and provided bug reports and feedback so these PRs could be made.

    While the sheer number of commits was lower, it ended up being 2 more PRs than 3.9, and more people directly contributed than the last.

    Some major additions for this update include Mac OSX support(!), Ipv6 support(!), OpenAL-Soft for audio, Hardware Skinning support, and OpenVR(Vive) support, as well as updates to various libraries such as PhysX, Bullet, libVorbis, libOGG, libPNG, SDL, and recast.

    I've got a lot to write down for the changelog, so expect that tomorrow, but I can readily make mention of all the fine people that put in PRs and file issues!

    1. elfprince13
    2. dud3
    3. Azaezel
    4. Lopuska
    5. rextimmy
    6. jamesu
    7. JeffProgrammer
    8. John3
    9. irei1as
    10. pacomont
    11. rasteron
    12. CouleeApps
    13. lukaspj
    14. Duion
    15. petrifiedroadkill
    16. HeadClot
    17. CEV-EricLiu
    18. hsdxpro
    19. RichardsGameStudio
    20. huhorier
    21. Bloodknight
    Alright, where can I get it?
    As always, you can nab it from the wiki's download page, found here. The windows binaries are up, and expect the Linux and MacOS ones tomorrow.

    With the closing of 3.10, we now move onwards towards 4.0, as we've talked about many a time here. We've articulated on what this means to various degrees here, and elsewhere, but allow me to form a more consolidated thesis to properly explain the various plans that are nearly done, in progress, or slated for 4.0.

    The posts detailing info for 4.0 are pretty long, so I'm not going to replicate them directly here, but provide you with a nice link so you can go reading up on the plans and status if you so choose :)


    02/08/2017 (8:01 pm)
    Thanks for the awesome work guys. :)
    02/19/2017 (11:02 am)
    Thank you all for keeping the T3D engine going!
    07/10/2017 (1:12 pm)
    Awesome Job Guys I'll have to check it out


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