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    New game in the works...

    by Will Zettler · 03/22/2017 (7:17 pm) · 2 comments

    A secret lab deep underground hides an alien force only one can challenge. Get ready for an adventure into fun. Featuring a crazy underground base that houses other worldly life, UFOs and robots. When things suddenly go south during an experiment, you are sent in to fix the problem, or die trying. I am solely making this game. It does not use the Garage engines from our fans here but it is a start to making a game I've wanted to for such a long time. It uses the Game Maker Studio 2 engine by Yoyo.

    I am working on the focus of the game rather then the backside engine stuff. It is the most progress I've had in years wanting to make and finish this game. I wanted to use the Torque 2D engine but never could grab how it worked. That don't mean it isn't a good engine, cause it still is in my books. Still enjoy making sample scenes with it and testing ideas inside it and T3D.

    Where is the game going to be released? I'm shooting for Android, Windows 10 and Xbox One with the exporter once the game and the exporter are both done. Price point would be something around $4.99 for the android and $19.99 or $29.99 for the W10 and Xbox versions. But right now, I am not going to worry about pricing, we can set that after the game is finished, right now I am wanting to pour as much free time into this as I can. And too, doing all my own audio helps.

    Will post more as I get it done...




    and more info can be found at:

    Indie DB for the game:


    Our Facebook page for the game:


    About the author

    - Ambient sound artist since 2004 - Texture artist since 2001 - Terrain designer since 2006 - Android app design since 2016 - Game design (Sky Fall, A_Clone) 2018

    03/22/2017 (7:33 pm)
    I like the art!

    Only thing I'd note is it looks a little odd to have the robot have a solid outlining style, while the alien lacks the harsh outlines, so it makes the style look a little disparate.

    But outside that, the style definitely has a nice charm to it! :)
    03/23/2017 (10:43 am)
    Thank you Jeff for the feedback! We didn't do the art, it is licensed but the next game we will have our own artist to do all the art for us.

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