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    Chris Haigler's Forum Posts

    Thread Post Date Posted
    the guiEffectCanvas ??? I believe GuiEffectCanvas was designed to be an alternative to GuiCanvas and relied on GuiTickCtrl a... read more 05/19/2016 (3:34 pm)
    Batching and Render Perfromance I believe max texture size is set using #defines named: MaximumProductSupportedTextureWidth Maxi... read more 05/11/2016 (6:50 pm)
    How to Force UI Refresh The older engines (TGE for sure, TGB as well perhaps?) used this method as well so it works across t... read more 01/09/2016 (4:48 pm)
    How to Force UI Refresh This may be something unique to mobile devices. Torque3D handles level loading using a similar metho... read more 01/09/2016 (2:27 pm)
    How to Force UI Refresh Breaking the loading process into discrete 'steps' is all that you can do, unless you want to dive i... read more 01/09/2016 (1:52 pm)
    c++ Debugging Try this: In VS, right click the Torque2D project and click Properties. Under the Configuration P... read more 12/13/2015 (7:39 pm)
    Sprites & Input Events That brings up another interesting point, Richard. If you trace SceneWindow::sendObjectInputEvent() ... read more 12/06/2015 (5:49 am)
    Sprites & Input Events One idea that was suggested was to wrap the script-side input callbacks (onTouchDown, onTouchEnter, ... read more 12/05/2015 (7:04 pm)
    Trouble with ActionMaps This old thread talks about the issue: https://www.www.twsanpi.cn/community/forums/viewthread/69... read more 12/02/2015 (1:26 pm)
    Project startup That's correct, Patrick. ModuleDatabase::loadGroup() is just a convenient way of loading multiple mo... read more 11/22/2015 (1:24 pm)
    Batching and Render Perfromance Just to cover the bases: 1). Are you running a release build? A debug build will be significantly... read more 11/11/2015 (5:00 pm)
    Ideas for moving a large number of objects simultaneously There are a couple things that might be causing the "jitter" effect you see: 1). No ren... read more 11/03/2014 (3:37 pm)
    Problem with custom vehicle class and getBinRange The collision bin system divides the world into a grid (imagine a 2D grid overlayed on the world). T... read more 10/30/2014 (3:54 pm)
    String Functions Richard is right. I can't think of a situation where you'd want to break a string into a script arra... read more 10/27/2014 (4:39 pm)
    Adding OGG support to T2D T2D can load and play ogg files now. Unfortunately I couldn't get libogg/libvorbis working as subpro... read more 10/27/2014 (8:42 am)
    Adding OGG support to T2D I'm taking another stab at adding ogg support using Chad's blog post as a starting point. Unfortunat... read more 10/26/2014 (11:50 am)
    Networking issue Yep. Packet size needs to be kept below the MTU size for the underlying network otherwise you'll get... read more 10/18/2014 (3:05 pm)
    how to remove warning C4819 in vs2010? http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms173715.aspx In VS2010 you'll need to go File -> Save... read more 10/18/2014 (1:48 pm)
    Networking issue Does setting $pref::Net::packetSize to a higher value (try 1200) have any effect? In the SpawnSph... read more 10/18/2014 (1:32 pm)
    Networking issue You're well under the stock limit on ghosts (4096). All of the errors point to some datablock ei... read more 10/18/2014 (12:57 pm)
    Gui Button Settings? 'relative' resizing will change the position and extent of the control so that it remains in the sam... read more 10/18/2014 (12:31 pm)
    Connecting Two Object Nodes Thanks Ivan. I think I'm on the right track, here's what I've quickly hacked together in tscript: ... read more 10/05/2014 (6:30 am)
    Connecting Two Object Nodes Thanks for the reply Jesse. I stumbled on this tutorial: [url]http://gamedevelopment.tutsplus.com... read more 10/04/2014 (8:09 pm)
    New Player Type - Update Jump Animation Awesome! :]... read more 10/04/2014 (1:00 pm)
    t3d 3.5.1 - how do you set 3d person camera on mission start? You'll want to call %client.setFirstPerson(false); at some point after the player has been spawned. ... read more 10/04/2014 (12:24 pm)
    New Player Type - Update Jump Animation I've tried it a few different times. I can run the character the end of the terrain and the camera n... read more 10/04/2014 (12:01 pm)
    New Player Type - Update Jump Animation It's interesting that only AIPlayers have animation issues. I suspect Ivan's last post (picking anim... read more 10/04/2014 (11:34 am)
    Remove Engine/bin/tools directory? libmng & lungif seem like good candidates for removal as well. libmng is for the (essentially de... read more 09/29/2014 (5:15 pm)
    Projectiles: Server vs. Client I would look into why Projectile::processTick() is only called once on the server. The server should... read more 04/09/2014 (6:36 pm)
    Anyone play 'Villagers & Heroes' since the switch to T3D? There are too many potential factors to make a reasonable guess. How complex is the scene? Which lig... read more 04/05/2014 (12:33 pm)
    Torque 3D DirectX11 Port - DirectX 9 refactor I'm aware of XP's age and upcoming lack of support. I've long since made the jump to Win7 and will l... read more 04/05/2014 (12:16 pm)
    Torque 3D DirectX11 Port - DirectX 9 refactor Am I correct in saying that the D3D9 refactor makes Vista the minimum requirement for T3D? Assum... read more 04/05/2014 (9:05 am)
    Moving objects script questions. 1). Yes. Typically movement is done in C++, usually in the object's processTick() method. The player... read more 04/03/2014 (4:01 pm)
    Adding OGG support to T2D Chad's post is a bit confusing to me but I'd like to see OGG support. I took a stab at adding lib... read more 04/02/2014 (1:28 pm)
    Syncing with platform cursor controller There's not much you can do. It's an either/or situation, unfortunately. You either use the hardware... read more 07/28/2013 (11:27 pm)
    No client for Torque 3D after how many years...? Weird thread. To be fair, T3D is a bit muddled when it comes to dedicated servers. Dedicated serv... read more 07/27/2013 (11:12 pm)
    Advanced lighting and OpenGL renderer inside T3D @Edward: That's good news. Assuming GL & driver support is there that'll be one (big) roadblock ... read more 07/27/2013 (10:59 pm)
    Master Server Query System Oops, sorry Robert, I completely forgot about this thread. Not sure what progress you've made in ... read more 07/27/2013 (10:39 pm)
    Advanced lighting and OpenGL renderer inside T3D Is Advanced Lighting via OpenGL even possible? My understanding was that OGL lacked support for cert... read more 07/25/2013 (10:06 pm)
    How is torque 3d to be distributed? You'll need the new Project Manager (probably v. 2.0 if you're working with the latest version of T3... read more 07/25/2013 (3:18 pm)
    Prefabs don't hide @Joao: A few points: 1). If you create an issue report on github, feel free to leave it up, even ... read more 07/12/2013 (4:58 pm)
    Master Server Query System Are you getting a list of valid servers (correct IP addresses/ports)? Ping requests will be igno... read more 07/11/2013 (8:47 pm)
    A slightly unfortunate attitude.... Yep, that's the right attitude to have. In order for the engines to be successful long-term, communi... read more 07/11/2013 (8:35 pm)
    Master Server Query System [b]Master Server -> Client Communication[/b] Once a master server receives a 'MasterServerList... read more 07/11/2013 (8:25 pm)
    Master Server Query System [b]Client -> Master Server Communication:[/b] A player can ask any/all master servers for a li... read more 07/11/2013 (7:58 pm)
    Master Server Query System [b]Game Server -> Master Server Communication:[/b] When a game server is initially created, th... read more 07/11/2013 (7:33 pm)
    Master Server Query System Here's what I know, Robert. This will probably require multiple posts so bear with me. TL;DR incomin... read more 07/11/2013 (7:00 pm)
    Move Class and Networking Just from skimming the code, it looks like HIFI networking is designed to keep the client sim as syn... read more 07/11/2013 (6:09 pm)
    Improving startup @Nils: Sure thing. Need a few changes: 1). In win32Window.h, just below the line: [code] ///... read more 07/10/2013 (9:00 am)
    Improving startup It looks like the original author(s) of win32Window.cpp got a little confused. They set the initial ... read more 07/09/2013 (4:00 pm)
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