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    Terrain Diffuse, Detail and Normal issue

    by Andy Wright · in Torque 3D Beginner · 08/07/2010 (12:46 am) · 0 replies

    Hey all,

    Been playing around with terrains some more, seeing what kind of detail i can get into t3d from the exports geocontrol kicks out.

    anyway heres a few pics from playing around with different configurations...

    Just the texture diffuse
    Diffuse and Detail
    Diffuse, Detail and Normal sized to the whole terrain tile.
    now... looks good at a distance with that setup like that, however when in the characters perspective, its all blurred on the ground, understandable as thats what the 'detail' textures intended for, and I have my base one set to 4096, the size of the terrain.

    one way I could think of getting around this is by using more layers, going with a grass texture, having the detail resolution set to something 'sensible' like 32, and painting over, however this totally overwrites the normal from my base texture, which preferably i wouldnt like it to do. as this destroys the look from a distance.

    While trying to find a balance between distance and detail up close, I had an idea, of setting the base terrain diffuse up as normal, covering the whole zone, giving good detail at a distance, and then for closer detail, using a normal grass texture, with a standard detail map setup, but using the normal map from the 'zone's texture to keep that shadow detail at a distance, aswell as a bit of ground detail up close.

    however soon realised that theres a big ol' brick wall in my way, within the material editor, it pics up the resolution for the normal map from the detail map. so it squeezes the normal map down to fit the detail map, which looks pants, so here i am...

    Is it possible to modify something within the settings that will make it possible to either specify the normal map's resolution independently from the detail map, so say the diffuse has a resolution of 512, the detail at 16, and normal map at 4096 ?
    Or to get the normal map to pull the diffuse map's sizing instead of the detail map's resoluton ?


    On a side note, does anyone else feel that using a diffuse colour map for the detail map looks alot better ? brings more vibrant colouring to the map if needed...

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