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  • Game Development Community

    Feature request if possible (Ergonomics)

    by Andy Wright · in Torque 3D Professional · 08/24/2010 (1:26 am) · 6 replies

    Hey all,

    Ive been using the terrain tools a stupid ammount the last couple of weeks (prettymuch all night every night...) and earlier I had an idea about the current control set in the terrain editor/painter.

    One thing ive found myself doing alot is changing the brush sizes and shape, to paint in the small details, and slight adjustments to terrains etc... and my lord i must have spent atleast a third of the time mousing up to that slider bar to change the scale of the brush (Because typing a brush size in doesent work) when doing varios things like small blends, tapering in details etc, and smoothing out some noise.

    It then struck me, currently the mouse wheel makes you zoom in and out of the current cam perspective, now personally i think just about everyone is using WASD or the arrowpad to move around while in the editor.
    Could the mouse wheel please be tied to the brush size, in increments of say .5 and the center wheel button to change the brush shape. (if changing the coltrolls to do something like that is already easily doable, please point out the direction to me, and as I pass by gimme a thick ear for ignorance...

    Overall i think a small change like that would make the controls feel alot more ergonomical and time saving

    08/24/2010 (3:08 am)
    Can't remember if this is beta2 or beta3, but:

    - CTRL+wheel changes the brush size (can also use [ and ] like in Photoshop)
    - SHIFT+wheel changes the brush softness
    - CTRL+SHIFT+wheel changes the brush pressure
    08/24/2010 (4:38 am)
    *runs to check B2*

    WOOT! its in B2

    Thanks Chris
    08/24/2010 (4:40 am)
    The scroll wheel adjustments has been in Torque since the original Torque Game Engine. We added the brush pressure adjustment in T3D 1.0.
    08/24/2010 (7:56 am)
    Awesome! Didn't knew that =)
    08/24/2010 (2:25 pm)
    now i feel like a knob for not knowing that lol

    09/22/2010 (10:39 am)
    Uhmmmm...I wasn´t aware of the CTRL+SHIFT+Wheel combination...so, tnx to Andy question I learned something :-)

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