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  • Game Development Community

    03/03/2011 (1:36 pm)
    Yep, it's the old deleting comments causing a disconnect in the index bug. It's just represented visually now as well, which at least makes it a little easier to track. It's still on the list of things to get fixed once and for all.

    That particular blog got hit hard by a spammer yesterday and my only choice was to outright delete the comments.
    03/03/2011 (3:12 pm)
    And there I was about to type; "People ranting is hardly new".

    Doh! Wrong kinda of "negative post". :P
    03/03/2011 (7:18 pm)
    Hehe, hardly ever look at the blog section, that's pretty crazy :D

    For some reason I was thinking about rampant negativity... but hey spam is aggressively negative - or it least it puts me in a negative mood!
    03/04/2011 (2:23 am)
    I was looking at that blog post, thinking:"Four comments left just to reach nothing? That guy has it tough!"

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