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    Transparencies and Shadows ....

    by Andy Wright · in Torque 3D Professional · 05/15/2011 (12:43 pm) · 14 replies

    Hi All.

    I'm having trouble (again) with transparent textures...

    now I have a working texture that looks how I want it to with a 'dirty' look, however it doesn't cast shadows. Thats using the lerpAlpha option.

    If I use the alpha threshold, I can get it casting perfect shadows, however the transparent area's are 100% transparent, which I don't want.

    Is it possible to get the 'semi transparent' material casting shadows or is it a limitation in the way the shadows are processed.

    examples showing what I mean


    05/15/2011 (1:15 pm)
    Tom said something about that in another thread, here. Hope this helps.
    05/15/2011 (1:29 pm)
    Made a bit of progress on it, using a kinda hacky way of making the model

    basically has 2 windows, one textured for the shadows, another for the dirty but semi transparent glass.

    now ive hit another problem, and i think its similar to something I had years ago with TGEA but for the life of me the search function makes me want to break stuff

    The z order looks screwed, its drawing the windows that are behind it, infront of it

    ps. ignore the awful wall texture lol, plus its flipped from the dae export...
    05/15/2011 (2:10 pm)
    BOOM Headshot !

    Nailed it, like most problems I have, its all down to my art lol...

    A combination of getting the materials.cs settings right, with the "double glazing" the right way around, and hell as a brucey bonus, Its even casting the shadows onto the other transparrent windows frame. you beauty!
    Looks to have sorted out the ordering of the textures aswell as having the murky glass, and shadows.
    05/16/2011 (6:24 am)
    Now to get it to attenuate the light through the murky glass. As of now the frame is casting shadow, but the glass is passing all of the light when it should be attenuating the light intensity due to "murkiness."

    Very nice, though.
    05/16/2011 (8:44 am)
    Light through murky glass = cookies... maybe?
    05/16/2011 (12:29 pm)
    lol rich, well it would be nice for it to do that but im happy with it having the dirty glass aswell as shadows.

    Michael, correct me if im wrong but i though a cookie was tied to an individual light source, projecting an image like a spotlight/torch ? theres no way of tieing it to a model or a texture is there ?
    05/16/2011 (12:50 pm)
    Yeah, I thought outloud before coffee...
    05/19/2011 (5:00 pm)
    What rich has mentioned is something that would be freaking awesome for this. Ive got the textures working great with the work around of having one side of a plane with one material, and the other side with another material, both with the same texture, just different transparency settings so as it gets the dirty glass there aswell as the shadowing.

    Where should I start looking at getting the colour shade of the dirty glass (That doesent actually cast any shadow atall at present) cast a shadow thats basically the texture itself being laid down where the shadow would be projected, I figure it would in a way be similar code for the effect that cookies use, however i have no idea where to start with something like this. Any suggestions ?
    05/19/2011 (5:50 pm)
    It already looks great. I was just being me - I love to one-up myself and I love it when other people do stuff that they thought they couldn't (or thought was improbable, anyway).

    I was just thinking that perhaps there was a way to do it with the alpha layer - just paint your mask on the alpha and it should come through. Just make sure it's not a 1 bit layer... lol. I haven't tried it, though. It just seems easier than a projected texture or shader solution. However, this won't tint the light coming through - it should ("should") simply make the light dimmer based on the mask's alpha value. To me, that would be great, but your solution (actually tinting the light) would be phenomenal.
    05/19/2011 (6:17 pm)
    Tinting the light hit me right between the eyes when i saw a photo of a stained glass window, that would be a fantastic effect.

    I Guess the main question would be:

    Is it possible to add a "cookie" to a material, so when it is hit by a light, it casts that cookie's colouring into its shadow projection, or even as a separate pass itself... meh, will have to get a proper coder to look into that one it feels a bit deep for me to jump into lol
    05/19/2011 (9:05 pm)
    you have seen this, of course?

    05/19/2011 (9:15 pm)
    I'm sure its possible - might be something that pureLight can do. Actually, some of the screenshots look like they do just that. Downside - static baked lighting. Might be able to place a light to project a cookie on the inside though, since it will only be seen in the room. Fake is better than real - especially if it performs well....
    05/20/2011 (1:59 am)
    Heya Deepscratch,

    The textures arent the issue now. It was getting them to cast a shadow of the frame, which ive figured out a work around by using two materials with different settings. Now its just dreaming of the possibility of getting the colour from a window caste down as a shadow which al's pack wouldnt do unfortunately, as it looks to be a current limitation with T3D.
    05/25/2011 (3:00 pm)
    aight ive had half hour to throw this together roughly to show what i mean above

    A Coloured stained glass window with transparency

    Its picking up the frame from the png's alpha channel to cast a shadow properly. but it doesent pick up any of the colouring form the window

    would love it if its possible for a window to cast a coloured shadow in the same way a "cookie" gives colour.

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