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  • Game Development Community

    Gge Bug?

    by Ethan Groves · in Game Design and Creative Issues · 12/19/2006 (9:57 am) · 2 replies

    I registered at the GGE website several days ago and got to the page that said an "account activation email" would be sent to me in 5-10 minutes. That was several days ago. Yes, I have checked my junk mail folder. I even tried to contact GGE using the "contact us" link. No response... I've double and triple checked to make sure that I entered the correct email address. I'm stuck and wondering if someone can help me. Before January 1st... Thanks in advance.

    12/19/2006 (2:44 pm)
    Did you post anything in the website bugs forum or try contacting them directly?
    12/20/2006 (2:54 pm)
    I replied to your email yesterday, your account should be active now.

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