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  • Game Development Community

    Feb 2009 www.twsanpi.cn Feedback Thread

    by Deborah M. Fike · in Site Feedback · 02/04/2009 (5:37 pm) · 69 replies

    So the old feedback thread was getting pretty large, and I want to continue to have one central place to look at your suggestions/recommendations and make sure the web team can log them and work on them over the next month. Just as a quick recap, here is the stuff you asked for and we fixed (in no particular order):

    • Edit blog and forums posts
    • Redirect URLs from old site to new
    • Unread forum threads
    • "Add your reply" box only shows up on last page
    • Have a link to go to the last page
    • Profiles have blogs, resources, and forum posts by that author
    • Mark-up Lite Help Sheet
    • Employee tags
    • E-mail notification of blog and forum replies
    • Posting a new reply takes you to the last reply to the thread
    • Watched threads lists
    • Ordering featured blogs from most recent to oldest
    • Hyperlinks change color if you've clicked on them
    • Logo kits back on the site
    • Job section available on the forums
    • Powered by Torque pages
    • Link to specific comments on posts
    • Look up your password
    • Login with either old handle or your e-mail address
    • Download links added to older resources
    • Sticky forum posts

    And here is some stuff we've logged into our project management software, and we plan on fixing in future releases. (Note: There is no guarantee of exactly when this will get fixed...we prioritize our task list after each site release for the next release of the site. But we are looking into all of these issues) Again, this is in no particular order:

    • RSS Feeds
    • Forum category tweaks (so there can be more sub-categories within a larger forum)
    • Fix the time stamp issue
    • Improve search capabilities
    • Improve posting resources and upload file capabilities
    • Allow users to show their e-mails in their profiles (opt-in)
    • Post 3rd party product docs (for RTS kit, Adventure kit, etc.) in My Account tab
    • Improved sales reporting system (for internal and 3rd party use)
    • Improved "What's New?" page with more content
    • Allow avatars for profiles
    • Revamp the Associates program and re-tag those users
    • Fix "array" tagging issue
    • Fix the "scrolling within scrolling" issue on the docs pages
    • Find a better way to browse resources

    We're shooting for the next release of the site on Feb. 18th. You guys have made a TON of great suggestions, so if there's anything I missed in the flurry of the site's launch, feel free to mention it below!

    Keep 'em coming!
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    03/04/2009 (3:09 pm)
    > Code blocks now have an extraneous line being added between lines... annoying and a waste of space.


    also i have to say i prefer not word-wrapping code blocks.
    i don't know many programmers who work w/ word-wrap turned on.
    03/04/2009 (5:11 pm)
    Speaking of word-wrapping, the text in forums now runs out the right side of the white part when it's wider than about 78 characters. Paragraphs don't wrap at all here (latest Opera).

    03/04/2009 (6:02 pm)
    whoa.. is that a recursive screenshot ?

    here's a fun recursive photo ('shopped).
    03/06/2009 (10:39 am)
    I also have problems with floating borders in forum. It would be nice to get a better readable website, especially the forum.
    Tip for getting a website work on all w3c conform browsers is: http://validator.w3.org/

    You'll see any link on the new GG Website generate more than hundred errors. For example http://www.www.twsanpi.cn/ generates 179 errors.
    03/09/2009 (3:40 am)
    If I wasn't using Opera, the images running off the nonscrollable page would drive me round the bend (you know, the one near Witt's End).

    I have found another annoyance which really always has been here: When I view unread threads, it shows threads where I was the last poster. I'd like the date last viewed to account for my posts.
    03/09/2009 (11:28 am)
    I just completed a small push to the website containing the following changes:

    • email address fields in forms now have one simple error message to reduce confusion
    • fix for videos creating lots of whitespace in posts
    • fix for extra line breaks in code blocks
    • fix comment word wrapping in Opera
    • Some search engine stuff has been removed from every insert/update/delete to speed up the posting and editing of blogs and threads

    The next update will focus on more usability tweaks.
    03/09/2009 (4:24 pm)
    Already sent it to GG's moderator David Montgomery-Blake and got a favorable response and he said he'd forward it to you guys.

    So here it is for the forum to consider whether they like the idea or not:

    To cut down on searching through threads that are unanswered, misleading, etc. why not have a checkable box similar to the "Notify me of new replies" one, called "RESOLVED" that only the original thread author can click once they feel their question has been answered.

    Have these RESOLVED threads highlighted yellow (or something like that) and have them always placed at the top of forum searches.

    This will cut down on time wasted going through excess threads for how to get Theora .ogm's to end and load the next level[my current search].
    03/09/2009 (4:49 pm)

    Why not go further. Look at Yahoo and how they do their Answers section. Let the users give a thumbs up or down on each post as well as select the best answer. Users get points for giving the best answer. Also their really needs to be a "Report Abuse" button so we can have threads shutdown quicker that are not appropriate.

    Hmmmm.. Sounds more like a social networking site:)
    03/09/2009 (5:18 pm)
    As long as I don't have to click "Allow Friend" to get the answer I'm looking for, I'm all for it.
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