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    How do I...

    by john mahagi · in Torque Game Engine · 04/17/2009 (6:26 am) · 8 replies

    I have made a sword and would like to add it to my game. How do I do this so that you can pick it up? Also how can I make a new character (playable)? And an npc?

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    04/17/2009 (10:18 am)
    This would be more relevant in a specific engine forum. I assume you are using the demos of a Torque engine since I see no products in your profile. Can you tell me which engine you're using, and I'll move this thread to the appropriate forum.
    04/18/2009 (1:53 pm)
    04/18/2009 (2:49 pm)
    I have moved this forum to the TGE public area.
    04/18/2009 (7:39 pm)
    Could you give me a link to it?
    04/18/2009 (7:41 pm)
    NVM I found It.
    04/18/2009 (8:01 pm)
    Once you purchase the engine, you can
    do a search for "melee" in the resources area. You may also want to search for "aiGuard".
    For players, look in the server/script files for player.cs.
    04/19/2009 (6:11 am)
    I couldn't find the aiGuard toturial.
    04/19/2009 (1:09 pm)
    This is a very complex question...

    Quote:I have made a sword and would like to add it to my game. How do I do this so that you can pick it up?

    Have you done the gettingStarted.pdf? It explains how to add items and objects to the game.

    Quote:Also how can I make a new character (playable)?


    And an npc?


    As a side note, if you are unfamiliar with torque (a "newbie"), then these may take some time. If you need more help, at any step, or with any resource, post again and we'll try to help.

    Good luck!


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