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  • Game Development Community

    dev|Pro Game Development Curriculum
    Prototype Village Game Map

    The Prototype village map can be used to demonstrate game engine, test game design, pitch a game idea, and appear absolutely beautiful.

    Author yinakoSGA Date 07/20/2019 (2:48 am) Comment 0 comments

    Script IDE

    An IDE to make it easier to work with scripting, database with variable functions and objects, is still in progress.

    Author Ronan Date 01/26/2018 (7:52 am) Comment 1 comments

    Invisible Wall

    An invisible wall that prevents the player from passing. With a function that can filter players that may or may not cross

    Author Ronan Date 03/25/2017 (5:06 pm) Comment 2 comments

    Top 10 Free 2D Game Asset Sites

    Beginning game developers do not always have the opportunity to buy expensive game assets. I had once also faced this problem. And now I decided to share the top 10 free sites with game assets.

    Author Tim Mars Date 03/02/2017 (1:25 pm) Comment 4 comments

    Craftpix.net - 2D Game Assets (free)

    Craftpix.net is a free collection of game assets, including: game characters, tilesets, game icons, GUI, and we plan to expand our direction. Most of our products are well suited for the implementation of platformer, RPG and strategy. They are made advantageously in vector for the flexibility of use and have high quality.

    Author Tony Date 09/19/2016 (4:03 am) Comment 4 comments

    Magneto unique skill - [ MAGNETIC SHOCKWAVE ] !!!!

    Any fans of Magneto or X-man or Marvel v.s. Capcom here? Still remember his unique skill - MAGNETIC SHOCKWAVE!? Let your character be powerful by adding this to it!

    Author Sgfreeman Date 03/30/2016 (3:13 am) Comment 2 comments

    Jeep-like Vehicle with Mounted Gun and Headlamps

    A jeep that I created as a learning experience in modeling and to further understand the WheeledVehicle class. You are free to use this in any way you want.

    Author Jason Campbell Date 03/03/2016 (4:58 pm) Comment 9 comments

    Simple GUI list for default Full Template.

    Simple GUI for T3D 3.8 for default Full Template. Allows for equip / drop weapons. Just a simple getting started to anyone new.

    Author Wayne Eversole Date 02/11/2016 (3:07 pm) Comment 2 comments

    Top 10 Best 2D Game Asset sites

    Producing 2D games now have been much easier than before with tools like Unity and help of online 2D Game Asset stores. Below is a list of top 10 2D games asset store you can find online, some commercial and some free.

    Author yinakoSGA Date 12/21/2015 (8:17 pm) Comment 10 comments

    Moving Torque system files to bin/ subdirectory (Windows)

    This resource moves DLL's, the log field and the entry script for a Torque game into a 'bin' subdirectory as a way to better manage file clutter and debug/release distinctions

    Author Ben Beshara Date 04/09/2015 (8:54 am) Comment 1 comments

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