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  • Logo Guidelines

    GarageGames and Torque Logo Style Guide

    This document is meant to inform game developers using the any Torque Technology on the proper usage and requirements of the Logos and Symbols.

    Logo Kits

    A zip file containing the GarageGames logo in psd and eps formats is available below.
    GarageGames_Logo_Kit.zip - (9.02 MB)

    A zip file containing the Torque logo in psd and eps formats is available below.
    Torque_Logo_Kit.zip - (1.01 MB)

    General Guidelines

    The Logo must have a minimum of 10% blank space from any other visual element. When resizing the logo must be scaled in direct proportions to the original. See minimum size requirements within each usage. The logo should always appear on a solid complementary background to retain the proper visibility.


    Should not be less than 20% of the screen width. If accompanied by other 3rd party products the GarageGames or Torque Logo must be the same general size or larger than surrounding elements. The Logo must also have a minimum 10% blank space from any other visual element. Should never be smaller than 100px wide.


    Should be no less than 100px wide.


    Should not be less than 5/8in wide. If smaller than 1in, the 2 color or 1 color GarageGames version should be used and the 3 color Torque version should be used.

    GG Dark ( 2 Color ) Pantone CMYK
    667c 59,58,4,12
    Dark Purple (1 Color)
    669c 90,95,10,41
    GG Light ( 2 Color )    
    White 0
    Light Purple (1 Color)
    5315c 10,7,1,4

    Torque ( 3 Color ) Pantone CMYK
    185c 0,92,76,0
    Dark Red
    188c 12,95,59,54
    Black 70,67,64,74

    Background Colors


    The logo can be displayed in monochrome only when all other elements on the screen are in the same color space. Must maintain high contrast between logo and background for maximum visibility. Single color version is prefered.

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