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  • Welcome, Guest

    4D Techno Space Music

    Roencia Game Creators

    Contains incredible techno space music for all space-blasting occasions. Samples available.

    Roencia Game Creators offers music that is inexpensive and 100% royalty free.  We aim to create music that can bring you into the music. We like to call this 4D Music.  You can use them as placement songs, or use them in the final version of your software.  You are free to edit the format of the song to fit your game creation.

    If you have specific requests for what you want to hear at GarageGames, email request@roencia.com
    4D Techno Space Music Collection contains the following music assets:
    Alien Contact
    Bounty Hunt
    Evasive Attack
    Intruder Alert
    Out of Time
    Planet Orbit
    Space Race
    Vast Universe
    All music available in Torque-compatible Ogg audio format and Mp3 format.
    An unpacking utility is required to extract the sounds/graphics from the .zip file.
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