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  • Welcome, Guest

    4D Theme RPG Music

    Roencia Game Creators

    Contains incredible RPG music for all adventure occasions. Samples available.

    Roencia Game Creators offers music that is inexpensive and 100% royalty free.  We aim to create music that can bring you into the music. We like to call this 4D Music.  You can use them as placement songs, or use them in the final version of your software.  You are free to edit the format of the song to fit your game creation.

    If you have specific requests for future products that you would like to see on GarageGames, email request@roencia.com
    4D Theme RPG Music Collection contains the following music assets:
    Battle1 -  Staying Alive
    Intro1 - The Decision
    Love1 - As My Heart Becomes
    Past1 - In Memory
    Past1 - Loves Lulliby(alternate)
    Sad1 - Despair
    Shrine1 - Fate
    Theme1 - Secreted Warrior
    Theme1B - As Time Goes
    Theme2 - Lakes of Peace
    Theme2B - In the Dreams
    Town(hometown) - Theme2B
    Town1 - Our Childhood
    Town2 - As Time Goes
    Town3 - Moonlight
    Travel Land1 - Troubling Times
    Travel Sea1 - Embark
    Travel2 Land/Sea - Mysterious Journey
    Victory1 - Conquest
    All music available in Torque-compatible Ogg audio format and Mp3 format.
    An unpacking utility is required to extract the graphics from the .zip file.
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