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    GarageGames Alien Weapons Art Pack

    GarageGames Studios

    The art team at GarageGames® has designed this pack to supplement the Alien Art Pack™ but the pack can be used as a stand-alone pack to use Alien Weapons in your game.

    They came from Outer Space, and they brought GUNS!  Or perhaps they’re experimental weapons from some secret lab right here on Earth. The choice, and the game, is yours to make with the Alien Weapons Art Pack? and Torque 3D-?.

    Each object comes with the source art in 3D Studio MAX and Autodesk FBX formats for multiple software versions and all source Diffuse, UV normal and Specular maps are included in PSD format.

    The art team at GarageGames? has designed this pack to work efficiently in a network environment, providing three levels of detail to ensure that your games look as great as possible while maintaining a consistent and reliable multiplayer experience.
    The Alien Weapons Art Pack? includes 3D Studio Max files for 2010, 2011, and 2012. It also includes FBX files exported from version releases 2010, 2011, and 2012 so that your artists can import the mesh data for use in their preferred content creation tools. It also includes all source textures in .psd format for Adobe Photoshop. Using these files, artists will also be able to see how we have structured our models and textures to get a strong grasp on the art workflow from Max to Torque 3D?.

    Also included are the .dds textures for the UV and specular maps and materials.cs files. These files can quickly and easily be dropped into existing Torque 3D missions.

    Models included with the Alien Weapons Art Pack:

    Kral: Alien Infantry Sidearm. This pistol is incredibly accurate.

    Kraad: Alien Standard Infantry Weapon. This is the Alien version of the Lurker rifle.

    Kralmok: Alien Heavy Infantry Weapon. This fearsome weapon fires a devastating blast that wreaks havoc amongst enemy troops.
    Torque 3D? Professional 1.1*

    *The art pack is intended for Torque 3D Professional 1.2 but will also work with Torque 3D Professional 1.1 with some limitations. The new features that come with 1.2 will not work in 1.1.
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