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    3D Action Adventure Kit By Ubiq Visuals

    The 3D Action Adventure Kit is a great foundation for aspiring game designers to create their own 3D platforming adventure games; providing all the necessary building blocks and source files to create adventure games such as Mario Galaxy, Shadow of the Colossus, ICO, and Zelda.

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    Modern Air Combat Starter Kit By Ignition Games

    The Modern Air Combat Starter Kit (MACSK) is a starter kit for the Torque 3D engine that gives developers all the basics to start their own air combat game with T3D.

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    RPG Engine Tool Kit By 12 CatBlack Studios

    This tool kit is designed for beginner to intermediate developers that want to make a role playing game. This tool is aimed at a database driven design for an RPG System, from character creation, event flows, item creation, etc. This tool kit provides an easy to use, and easy to customize interface and workflow to help others start their own RPG project.

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