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    Cirrus Skies By Dragonfly Software

    Cirrus Skies is a new 'Cloud Management System' for Torque. It adds new functionality and flexibility, allowing game developers to quickly create beautiful, lifelike and dynamic skies for their games.

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    DSQ Tweaker By BrokeAss Games

    DSQTweaker is a tool that allows you to view and edit Torque animation files. For the first time ever, developers can directly edit the final Torque animation output, the .DSQ file. The original animation source files are not required. No longer must you learn a new pipeline, to simply edit (or tweak) animation files in your project.

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    L3DT Professional By BundySoft

    L3DT is a Windows application for generating large, high quality 3D worlds for MMORPGs or other games. The professional version includes a plug-in for direct export from L3DT to Torque 3D.

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    PD Particles By TheBest3D.Com

    PD Particles is a software program for editing particles. It can be used as a complete, self contained painting program or as a companion to your existing graphic editor for specific particle editing.

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    pureLIGHT By Serious Labs, Inc.

    pureLIGHT is a static lighting tool with a unique time saving workflow. Our unique algorithms and easy to use tools provide incredible lighting for inexperienced users, but the depth and flexibility that experienced users demand. pureLIGHT is a stable and efficient application with years of use in production environments.

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    SSAO Kit By Ubiq Visuals

    Real Time Screen Space Ambient Occlusion Shaders for DIF Interiors, DTS Models, Animated DTS Models, Characters, Items and Vehicles etc.

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    Torque Collaborative World Design Tool By Arrow Maker Productions

    TCWDT extends the functionality of Torque to include real-time collaboration of game level design while maintaining all the existing editing features of Torque World Editor. TCWDT..."Creating Virtual Worlds Together."


    Torque Constructor By GarageGames Studios

    Torque Constructor is a Constructive Solid Geometry (CSG) WYSIWYG brush editor.

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    Torque ShowTool Pro By David Wyand

    The Torque ShowTool Pro is a 3D visualization tool helping artists and programmers to inspect their game art for esthetic and technical accuracy by simulating the in-game environment.

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    Torsion By Sickhead Games

    Torsion is a powerful development environment for creating TorqueScript based games and mods.

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