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    FPS Environment Pack

    Shapes & Lines

    First Person Shooter Environment Pack for the Torque Game Engine.

    Versions Indie vs Commercial? Price

    Product Overview

    You are building a First Person Shooter game with the Torque Game Engine and you're finding the lack of quality environmental art available is a problem. Is there any help for you and your game? The answer is YES! Todd Pickens, one of the most talented artists in the Torque development community, has developed a new art content pack for you to utilize in your game. This environment content pack includes 200+ assets with 2 levels of detail, over 60 textures, and 16 custom sounds. This awesome environment pack comes fully prepared for the Torque Game Engine, offering quick dimension and realism to any game environment, FPS or other type!

    The FPS Environment Pack includes 200+ assets, 60+ Textures, and 16 Unique Environmental Sounds. All source art is included in Maya, Max and Lightwave friendly formats and the environmental effects are fully documented to make your life easier to try to bringing these effects into your game. Working examples of shader water, animated shapes with embedded sound, and much more are included.

    These shapes, effects, and environments are available for a fraction of the cost they would take to create on your own. Contracting a professional to create this content would cost at least $5000, but these shapes can be had for mere pennies per shape.

    What's in the FPS Environment Pack?

    • 200+ Assets, Static and Animated
    • 16 Unique Environmental Sounds
    • 60+ Unique Textures
    • Beautiful Buildings, Foliage and Objects
    • Full Source Art in Many Popular Formats
    • Skybox with Full Cloud Layers and Sun Corona FX
    • Terrain Textures
    • Full HTML Documentation w/images
    • Two Example Demos included for Drag & Drop

    Preview Documentation
    Preview Items

    -Torque Game Engine SDK to use precompiled Torque files
    -Valid .JPEG & .PNG editor to use and open source art files.
    -Valid 3D Modeller application capable of importing Lightwave, Maya, or Max files.
    -Windows 98/SE/ME/2000/XP is required to unpack the files.
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