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    FPS Starter Pack Music Collection


    An epic collection of intense music for a First Person Shooter game. Whether shooting at enemy soldiers or hideous monsters, this music is a perfect score for any game design inspired by classic and modern FPS titles.

    Get ready to have a blast! GarageGames proudly offers this complete catalog of royalty free music, a perfect score for any game design inspired by classic and modern staple games in the genre . You can use them as convenient placeholders during development or to compliment your finished product.

    This powerful and memorable music soundtrack will bring an adrenaline rush to your players and bring your levels to life! The pack includes 10 thematic music assets for the title screen, menu screen, numerous looping level themes and boss combat.
    FPS Starter Pack Music Collection contains the following music assets:
    01 Title Screen
    02 Menu Screen
    03 Urban Arena
    04 Stealth Mission
    05 Middle East
    06 Jungle
    07 Survival Horror
    08 Alien Planet
    09 Hell
    10 Boss Fight
    All music available in Torque-compatible Ogg audio format.
    An unpacking utility is required to extract the sounds from the .zip file.
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