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    GarageGames Graveyard Art Pack

    GarageGames Studios

    The Graveyard Art Pack™ was designed to complement the Zombie Art Pack™ but can be used as a fully stand-alone pack to add ambiance to any sort of game.

    The Graveyard Art Pack? was designed to complement the Zombie Art Pack? but can be used as a fully stand-alone pack to add ambiance to almost any sort of game. The .max and .fbx files of the Graveyard prop models are included for artists to use and modify to fit their needs. The core of the Graveyard Art Pack are the Models, Torque script files, UV normal, Diffuse, and Specular maps for the various environments.

    The art team at GarageGames? has designed this pack to be fully compatible with Torque 3D? version 1.1.
    The Graveyard Art Pack? includes 3D Studio Max files for 2010, 2011, and 2012. It also includes FBX files for version releases 2010, 2011, and 2012.  It also includes all source textures in .psd format for Adobe Photoshop CS 5.1.
    Also included are the .dds textures for the UV and specular maps and materials.cs files.  These files can quickly and easily be dropped into existing Torque 3D? missions.

    Models included with the Graveyard Art Pack:
    • (10) Gravestones
    • (1) Mausoleum
    • (2) Mausoleum doors
    • (1) Statue prop
    • (1) Low Wall Section
    • (1) Low Wall End Cap
    • (1) Lamp Pole
    • (1) Sconce lamp
    • (1) Weed Prop
    • (1) Bush Prop
    • (1) Scattered Leaves
    • (5) Ground Textures
    • (11) Foliage Textures
    • (8) Giblets
    • (3) Skyboxes
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