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    Casual Game Music Pack Vol. 1

    John Leonard French

    A collection of professionally mastered music and sounds designed specifically for casual games.

    The Casual Game Music Pack is a compact collection of background music and title themes written especially for fun, casual games. Vol. 1 includes plucked strings, harps, bassoon, marimba, and percussion. Included with the 9 original tracks are win and lose cues, score counter sound effects, combo scales and sets of sounds for games with three star scoring systems for a complete audio solution.


    For more information, to comment on this collection or future packs, visit: www.johnleonardfrench.com

    High quality audio. 

    Each track is provided as a CD quality 16bit, 44.1khz, uncompressed .wav file that’s ready for import, normalised to preserve bit depth and professionally mastered to provide the very best sound.

    Gapless loops. 

    Looped tracks have been created to cycle perfectly, in exact sync, with correct reverb tails and at the precise signal zero crossing point. Meaning no pops, silences, clicks, sudden changes or other unwanted noises, just great music.


    The casual game music pack includes little extras like score SFX and combo scales. Perfect for dynamic developers to play with.


    • 9 Original tracks
    • 3 win and lose cues
    • 2 three star scoring sound sets
    • 2 combo scales
    • 3 drum loops with Lo Fi edits
    • 4 score counter SFX 

    An unpacking utility is required to extract the sounds/graphics from the .zip file.

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