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    BAG_BP1: Metrostructural Decay

    BrokeAss Games

    The pack includes 23 unique buildings and 24 ambient city props. Buildings range from 1200-6000 polygons at full quality. Normal and specular maps are included along with complete material lists for the texture library. The pack is built for TGE, TGEA, and T3D. You get the buildings as .dif interiors (TGE, TGEA) and dts shapes (T3D).

    Nice place to visit, but...
    These structures may look dirty, grungy and run-down, but they won't let you down! This pack is game-ready and thoroughly tested in the Torque game engines. You can use this pack to quickly design great looking urban scenes for your game or visual project. These are fully navigable buildings with stairs, balconies, windows, doorways and basements. Low poly surfaces give great performance with polysoup. The buildings share many of the same textures which optimizes the graphic load. Included materials file means this pack will look right on first load.

    What you get:

    • 47 unique shapes
    • 23 buildings with 4-6 built in levels of detail
    • 24 ambient city props
    LODs (level of detail)
    The shapes have built in LOD meshes which work with no custom scripts. Just drop them in, and go! The buildings range from 1100-6000 polygons at the highest LOD and have 3-5 lower levels of detail that range down to simple boxes at very far distances.

    File Formats
    Shapes: .dts, .dif (Torque), Poser runtime files
    Shape source: .csm (cart shop), .map, .x, .obj, .ms3d
    Texture/Normal/Specular Maps: .jpg, .png, .dds
    3D modeling application and/or a compatible Torque Engine:

    Torque 3D (T3D)
    Torque Game Engine Advanced (TGEA)
    Torque Game Engine (TGE)
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