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    Military Cover Art Pack

    Adam deGrandis

    Three kinds of common military defense objects - Czech hedgehogs, dragon's teeth, and sandbag walls - expertly made and ready to be added to your game. Great for first person or 3rd person action games!

    From former GarageGames employee and Torque expert Adam deGrandis comes the Military Cover pack!

    The Military Cover pack provides you with a selection of common military defense objects; the classic Dragon's Tooth and Czech Hedgehog anti-vehicle barriers, as well as 3 different segments of sandbag walls. Each shape has been expertly made and includes diffuse textures, normal maps, specular maps, and multiple levels of detail (LODs). In addition to the game-ready .dts files, materials, and material definitions, the pack includes high-res versions of the textures and the 3D source in Autodesk? 3ds Max? and ColladaTM format.
    • Czech hedgehog .dts with diffuse map, normal map, and specular map
    • Dragon's tooth .dts with diffuse map, normal map, and specular map
    • Three sandbag wall segment .dts' - straight, 90 degree curve, and 180 degree curve - with diffuse map, normal map, and specular map
    • Collision meshes for all objects
    • Five levels of detail (LOD) for each object
    • 3D source in Autodesk? 3ds Max? format as well as ColladaTM format for all shapes
    • High-res versions of all textures
    Computer capable of running Torque 3D or TGEA
    30 MB free hard drive space
    Source files require Autodesk? 3ds Max? or a modeling application capable of importing ColladaTM files.
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