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    BAG_BP2: Modern CityScapes

    BrokeAss Games

    The pack includes 11 modular skyscrapers, 18 ambient city props, 47 connecting street pieces, and 17 ambient infrastructure shapes. Building sections range from 5000-10000 polygons at full quality and have built in LODs. The pack is designed for Torque3D but works in any 3D version of Torque.

    Modern Cityscapes features eleven multi-shape, fully navigable, skyscrapers with finely-tuned LODs. Accompanying these massive structures are numerous ambient city shapes. The skyscrapers are presented in “top, mid, and base” modules which are precisely offset to allow for quick stacking but also make it possible to design cityscapes of varying heights, which adds even more value and variation to this pack.

    Purchasers of this pack will also receive another asset pack included in the price: bag_roadpack1, with an interchangeable grid of citystreet pieces and numerous ambient road and infrastructure shapes. BAG_BP2 is game-ready and thoroughly tested in Torque3D. The shapes provided are all DTS and will work in any 3D version of Torque. You can use this pack to quickly design great looking urban scenes for your game or visual project. These are fully navigable buildings with stairs, balconies, windows, and doorways.

    The shapes share many of the materials which optimizes the graphic load in your scene. Included materials file means this pack will look great the first time you load it. Also included are over 50 city decals predefined and categorized (graffiti, grunge, manholes and such).

    Example mission and terrain included.
    What you get:

    bag_bp2_modern cityscapes
    • 11 unique and modular skyscrapers (3 shapes each: top, mid, base with built-in LODs)
    • 18 ambient city shapes
    • diffuse/normal/spec maps and materials.cs
    bag_roadpack1 (also included)
    • 47 road pieces
    • 17 ambient infrastructure/road shapes
    • diffuse/normal/spec maps and materials.cs
    LODs (level of detail)

    The shapes have built in LOD meshes which work with no custom scripts. Just drop them in, and go! The buildings range from 5000-10,000 polygons (per module) at the highest LOD and have 5 to 7 lower levels of detail that range down to simple boxes at very far distances.

    File Formats

    Shapes: .dts (Torque)
    Shape source: .ms3d
    Diffuse/Normal/Specular Maps: .dds, .jpg, .png 
    3D modeling application and/or a compatible Torque Engine:

    Torque 3D (T3D)
    Torque Game Engine Advanced (TGEA)
    Torque Game Engine (TGE)
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