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  • Welcome, Guest

    PD Particles


    PD Particles is a software program for editing particles. It can be used as a complete, self contained painting program or as a companion to your existing graphic editor for specific particle editing.

    PD Particles is a software program for sketching, doodling, painting and drawing with particles. It is loaded with features made for professionals, yet priced low enough for artists, students and hobbyists at all levels. If you like to draw, this is for you!

    PD Particles contains a number of fascinating natural fx brushes and can be used as a complete, self-contained painting program. However, add it as a companion to your existing favorite photo editing, imaging and painting tools and greatly expand your brush library with the expansive list of included Particle Brushes. With an emphasis on Particle Brushes you'll be able to create images and artwork with shrubbery, foliage, trees and grass and many more effects based on painting with particles and bristles.

    Whether you are a professional photographer and use the high-end leader of photo editing software, or a free-spirited hobbyist expressing your artistic visions with a free image manipulation programs, you will always find something new and exciting that you can do now with PD Particles.

    PD Particles Features:

    • Particle brushes for grass, hair, trees, shrubbery, foliage etc... includes mass, gravity, velocity, splits, follow mouse, shrinking lines, with alpha, shaded, fog and tinting and many other parameters for millions of unique looks.
    • Many Presets for Particles from where to spend lots of time exploring more styles. Additional settings can be created and saved and found online.
    • Particle system also includes a Bristles mode to convey a bristled painted look to an existing image. Great for turning a photograph to a unique piece of art that appears hand painted. Bristles mode also supports tablet pressure and even tilt.
    • Tablet support (pressure controls size and/or opacity), both for normal brushes as well as in combination with particle brushes (using the 'Brush' style)
    • Various natural media brushes and special FX
    • Alpha channel support
    • Supports popular image file formats: TGA(default), PSD, JPG, BMP...
    • Predefined brushes: Particles (default), Simple, Airbrush, Pen, Pencil, Oils, Tempera, Pastels, Watercolor, Effects, Organic effects.
    • Numerous brush settings to customize new brushes
    • Choice of built-in brush images
    • Powerful color gradient works by Drag-and-Drop from the color well
    • Paper Textures can add realistic 3D surface look and bumpiness to paintings: stucco, paper, skins, etc...
    • Special FX brushes like smear, dodge, burn, stars, flowers etc...

    Windows XP

    • Minimum of 128 MB RAM available, 256 MB or more recommended
    • 20 MB free hard drive space
    • Video card set to 1024x768 or higher resolution, and 24-bit or better (truecolor) depth
    • MMX-enabled Intel Pentium 2/3/4 type or AMD equivalent, 1 GHz speed recommended
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