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    Puzzle Music Suite

    Kevin Knapp

    Solve your project's music needs with this 22 track collection featuring over 35 minutes of original action and game component music.

    The Puzzle Music Suite is a collection of 22 tracks featuring royalty free professional video game music designed for the traditional, competitive, and hybrid puzzle genres. These tracks focus on giving the developer the ability to customize a project by offering a diverse selection of puzzle action and multi-purpose components. This library will serve as an excellent tool for your final in-game audio and placeholder needs. The genre of this music is a blend of electronic, classical, and rock elements.

    Use the diverse emotions and variations of tempo this library offers to infuse a shot of energy into your project.
    The Puzzle Music Suite contains the following assets:

    Game Utility Tracks
    • Title (Loop)
    • Menu Select (Loop)
    • Character & Stage Select (Loop)
    • Victory (One-Shot)
    • Defeat (One-Shot)
    • New Challenger (One-Shot)
    • Continue 01 (Loop)
    • Continue 02 (Loop)
    • Game Over (One-Shot)
    • Enter High Score (Loop)
    • Map Exploration & Adventure (Loop)
    • Ending (One-Shot)
    Action Music
    • Puzzle Action 01 (Loop)
    • Puzzle Action 02 (Loop)
    • Puzzle Action 03 (Loop)
    • Puzzle Action 04 (Loop)
    • Puzzle Action 05 (Loop)
    • Puzzle Action 06 (Loop)
    • Puzzle Action 07 (Loop)
    • Puzzle Action 08 (Loop)
    • Puzzle Action 09 (Loop)
    • Puzzle Action 10 (Loop)
    All music is in the 16-Bit 44.1kHz .WAV file format.
    You will need approximately 360MB of space for this collection.
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