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  • Welcome, Guest

    RPG Engine Tool Kit

    12 CatBlack Studios

    This tool kit is designed for beginner to intermediate developers that want to make a role playing game. This tool is aimed at a database driven design for an RPG System, from character creation, event flows, item creation, etc. This tool kit provides an easy to use, and easy to customize interface and workflow to help others start their own RPG project.

    Currently the RPG Engine tool kit brings together several systems to help create a game quickly. The RPG Editor 2.0, a database interface tool that helps to quickly populate your game with event flows, class types, heroes, item types etc. NPC Generator 2.0, a tool that is used to build characters via morph blending, mesh merging, and data texture swapping. Using character templates that are easy to create and modify one can make prototyping a world with characters faster. Lastly the RPGinema Tool is a time line based cut-scene tool, used to help make cut-scenes for your game easily and swiftly, with built-in dialogue tools, and other features used to drive RPG/Date Sim like cut-scenes. On top of these tools is a template package that implements some of the common RPG work flows that makes a RPG environment. 

    RPG Editor 2.0

    ·         Event flow creation for NPCs, dialogue, shops, triggered events, and zones.

    ·         Create grade based character classes

    ·         Create heroes using customized classes and set the games starting party.

    ·         Create items with a variety of data types and mixed combinations.

    ·         Create configurable weapons/armors

    o   Note: Weapon and armor customized meshes will be implemented at a later date.

    ·         Create spells and special attacks

    ·         Create Monster Definition Data

    ·         Create Summon Monster Data

    o   Note: Implementation example not available currently

    ·         Create Monster Spawn Groups for respawnable monster areas.

    ·         Add new map locations for other RPG Editor Elements


    NPC Character Generator 2.0

    ·         Morph character targets using a pre-rigged character

    ·         Create characters using different combination of morph targets

    ·         Append shirt,pants,hair, and shoes to the base model

    ·         Change body, shirt, pants, hair, and shoe textures loaded into texture template structures

    ·         Add Custom Character templates to use your own character template models

    ·         Export Characters as NPCs, Playable characters or monster AI Types

    ·         Categories your exports and character names

    ·         Materials.cs generated per character that have texture names prefixed with character name for easy tracking

    ·         Customize character heights upon export

    ·         Random button to easily generate random characters

    ·         Generic walk cycle included to test for clothing clipping issues before export.

    RPGinema 1.0

    ·         Create key framed actions on a layer based time-line.

    ·         Camera Layer – Key frame camera placement

    ·         Music Layer – Create the mood with songs and other SFX

    ·         Script layer – Key frame explosions and other chaos for exciting events

    ·         Actor layers - Character based actions can be added on this layer. Dialogues and more.

    ·         Interactive time-line with live camera movements when the time-line is scrubbed

    Implemented example code included:

    ·         Active Battle System (button mashing battle type)

    ·         Experimental Climbing System

    ·         Item usage system

    ·         One spell example

    ·         Stat Leveling System

    ·         Monster Battle AI System

    ·         Party AI System

    ·         2D Tracker Digital Map System

    ·         Player/Party Interface System

    ·         Battle History Tracking System

    ·         Night lamps automatically turning on based on the time of day

    ·         One implemented vehicle: (Hover board)

    ·         Saving and Loading System

    ·         Enhanced controller mapping system using packages

    ·         One example of a character melee combo using triggered events

    ·         One example of a sword implementation.

    ·         Test GUIs Implemented

    o   2D / 3D Start menu screens – (2D and 3D title screens are swappable via flag)

    o   Pause menu with party display

    o   Item Menu

    o   Hex Map 1.0 – Uses a hex grid to dynamically generate a hex height map of the area around you, as well as marking points of interest on the map.

    o   Save Menu

    o   Equipment Menu

    o   Inn/Item/Armor Store Menu

    T3D Engine Modifications

    ·         RPGPlayer and AIPRGPlayer

    o   Created from the original Player and AIPlayer

    §  UpdateMove has been created to be modular for better coding flexibility

    §  Added attacking states

    §  Added 360 character movement

    §  Added Climbing prototype coding

    §  Added Animation Trigger call backs for attack combinations

    §  Added Lock-On feature

    §  Added Swimming Buoyancy to swim or water surface

    §  Added Sink code to dive under water

    ·         Removed Camera collision with the under part of the water when swimming near the top

    ·         Added a decay to the steering controls for hover vehicles for better control

    ·         Added the ability to make road mesh nodes via script - used for battle area bordering

    ·         Added a done callback to detect when a video has finished playing in guiTheoraCtrl

    ·         Added some changes to fix the weird rotation offset in the object as well as added a function to give the user the ability to rotate the camera via code. IE rotating character selection via L2 and R2.  - guiObjectView

    ·         Added a new object type for climbable objects.

    Fixed an issue where the collada handling code was not properly applying mesh morphs when importing the collada data, causing certain morphs to completely destroy the mesh
    Minimum System Requirements
    Torque 3D MIT version on GitHub.
    Windows Vista or Better
    Intel or AMD Processor @ 1 Ghz
    512 MB RAM
    100% DirectX compatible video card with 256 MB RAM required
    DirectX 9.0c+
    Visual Studio 2008 or 2010 (No pre-built executable included)
    To use the Full template you will need the RPG starter kit available here http://www.turbosquid.com/3d-models/free-3ds-mode-art-pack-rpg-engine/749890

    Recommended System Requirements
    2.0 Ghz multicore processor
    2 GB RAM
    100% DirectX compatible video card with 1GB RAM

    - Compatibility with T3D branch builds for other operating systems has not been tested.
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