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    RPG Starter Pack Music Collection


    RPG Starter Pack: An epic collection of nostalgic fantasy music for an entire RPG. Explore the world, fight monsters and more!

    Your quest for pro quality RPG theme music begins here! 2EastMusic proudly offers this complete catalog of royalty free music, a perfect score for any game design inspired by classic RPG titles. You can use them as convenient placeholders during development or to compliment your finished product.

    This powerful and memorable music soundtrack will emotionally bring your world design, story and characters to life! The pack includes 21 thematic music assets for game shell, cut scenes, map exploration, dungeon scenes, town scenes, and battles.
    RPG Starter Pack Music Collection contains the following music assets:

    Game Shell
    * Title Screen (loop)
    * Ending Credits (loop)

    Cut Scenes
    * Happy Cut Scene (loop)
    * Sad Cut Scene (loop)
    * Evil Cut Scene (loop)
    * Romance Cut Scene (loop)
    * Goal / Milestone (short)

    Town Scenes
    * Town Theme (loop)
    * Castle Theme (loop)
    * Sleep / Inn (short)

    Exploration Scenes
    * Walking Exploration (loop)
    * Sailing Ship Exploration (loop)
    * Airship Exploration (loop)

    Battle Scenes
    * Battle Theme (loop)
    * Victory (short)
    * Death (short)

    Dungeon Scenes
    * Dungeon Theme (loop)
    * Obtain Treasure (short)
    * Boss Taunt (loop)
    * Boss Battle (loop)
    * Final Boss Battle (loop)

    All music available in Torque-compatible Ogg audio format. Download size 47.5 MB.
    An unpacking utility is required to extract the sounds from the .zip file.
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