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    RTS Creature Pack

    Game Content Packs

    The RTS Creature Pack contains 2 powerful low poly characters each with 3 textures, 9 attack & defend animations, normal maps, equipped and ready to be fight in your video game!

    The RTS Creature Pack is designed to help you to easily create RTS Games, Provide modular and customizable solution for Team Mode RTS games. The RTS Creature Pack is the first pack of a series, and will be followed by several other RTS compatible packs using the same standards.

    The RTS Creature Pack contains 3D objects ready to be used in the Torque Game Engine. All 3D source files are included to allow artists to modify any element.

    The main characters are animated using Biped Bones, and it comes with 9 New Animations Compatible with animations that come with TGE, including any animations that use 3ds maxs Biped Rig.

    The pack contains precompiled files for 3D objects and animations, and in addition, all source files are ready to export for TGE, including LOD (Level of details) and mount points

    This Pack Comes with Multiple sizes of Texture Maps and Normal Maps (64x64,128x128,256x256,512x512).

    With 3 Texture variations for each model you can build your own RTS Teams and let one battle the other.

    This pack can be used on Torque Game Engine, Torque Game Engine Advanced, Torque X, TGB. specifically any Torque engine that is using a dts/dsq system.

    * Compatible with the RTS Starter Kit, Includes scripts for walk/attacks animations and dynamic skin change.
    * The pack includes "exported" and "ready to use" DTS files for the Torque.
    * Experiment with a set of assets that are beyond what is included with the TGE Demo.
    * Quickly prototype your idea.
    * Solve the problem of attracting team members in order to build a product.
    * It gives developers access to commonly used items for a reasonable cost.
    * It frees artists up to make game specific content.
    * Content packs go through a rigorous approval process by Garage Games so they are guaranteed to work.
    * Content Packs are cost-efficient
    * These shapes have been expertly tuned to work with the Torque Game Engine and RTS games

    What's in the RTS Creature Pack?

    * 1 goblin 3DS Max9 file
    * 1 stoneman 3DS Max9 file
    * 3 full quality jpg goblin textures (psd) with
    * 3 full quality jpg stoneman textures (psd)
    * Full range of texture sizes (64,128,256,512 WxH)
    * Normal Maps
    * 9 NEW attack and defend animations 3DS Max7 files
    * one weapon for each character

    RTS Creature Pack Animations:

    * Root
    * Attack
    * Double weapon chop
    * Weapon cross swing
    * Full body spin
    * Jump
    * Shield_block
    * Staff_block
    * Take damage

    ** the RTS Characters are rigged using 3DS Maxs Biped, this means that you can use any animation that comes with the torque game engine. for example the normal walk, run, death animations.
    Each model comes with :
    a .dts file, a .dsq file, a .3ds file, a .obj file and a 3DS Max9 .max file.

    Textures templates :
    Each Character comes with 3 texture variations.
    Normal Maps.

    Characters :
    This pack contains a goblin and a stone man.

    Animations :
    9 new biped based dsq files, including attack and defend animations.

    Works with previous Stock Torque Animations.
    Works with the RTS Starter Kit, Includes scripts for walk/attacks animations and dynamic skin change.

    System Requirements
    - Valid .JPEG & .PNG editor to use and open art files.
    - Valid 3D Modeler application for importing source files.
    - A licensed or demo version of the Torque Game Engine to use precompiled Torque files
    - Torque Game Engine, Torque Game Engine Advanced, Torque X, TGB.
    - A .zip extractor is required to unpack the files.
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