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    Sports Car Pack

    Adam deGrandis

    From former GarageGames employee and Torque expert Adam deGrandis comes the Sports Car Art Pack!

    From former GarageGames employee and Torque expert Adam deGrandis comes the Sports Car Art Pack!


    The Sports Car Art Pack provides you with a high-quality, normal mapped car to help your racing and driving games look as good as they can.  In addition to the car and wheel shapes, this pack features fully animated brakes on the wheels, a custom "outdoors chrome" cubemap, 5 different texture options for the car, and a bevy of nodes already embedded things like for headlights, license plates, and weapons.  Goes great with the Racing Game Objects Pack!

    Sports car .dae with 5 different diffuse map and specular maps, and a shared normal map for the exterior, as well as a single diffuse map, normal map, and specular map for the interior

    Wheel .dae with diffuse map, normal map, and specular map

    Collision mesh and LODS for the sports car and wheel

    Mount points for driver, passanger, headlights, taillights, license plate, exhaust pipes, roof accessory, and hood accessories

    2048x2048 layered psd's for both the diffuse map and specular map, so you can create easily create your own car textures

    A sportscar.cs script with all the necessary Torque vehicle datablocks

    Computer capable of running Torque 3d

    85 MB free hard drive space

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