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  • Welcome, Guest

    Sticks and Twigs Environment Pack

    Really Really Good Things Studio

    Prototype or get a foot up on your game development with this Torque ready Environment Content Pack!

    Really Really Good Things Studio is proud to present the "Sticks & Twigs Environment Pack" rev3 now available through the TorquePowered Content Store. The Pack includes two separate files for TGE and TGEA with distinct mission files for each and normal, specular and ambient occlusion maps for TGEA.

    The Pack was originally released on www.monsterpacks.com, but since then I've rolled texture updates and updated digital photo based billboarded PNG's into the latest revision. There is an updated demo mission zip also that is a self contained example of all 24 of the sample missions.

    It has a "monsterous" amount of content:

    60+ Trees

    50+ Plants, Bushes, Ferns, etc.

    24+ Types of Rocks

    100+ Billboarded PNG plants (grass, dead bushes, etc.)

    25+ Terragen generated 1024x1024 Skyboxes

    75+ Terrain and Detail textures

    24 Sample missions

    13 Ambient Audio Tracks (2+ minutes each)

    Model File Formats


    **NOTE** .fbx and .obj have only been tested in saves and reloads into Milkeshape. Compatibility and general applicability with other engines and/or other purposes is *UNTESTED*. Please contact me at the email address below for samples to test if interested in these particular formats exclusively***

    What I wanted to do with this particular pack was create an all inclusive solution that you could either pick and choose specific models or take a look at a mission with a section fully developed.

    I've put together twenty four mission files that have example environments for super fast prototyping and level development. Extract the data directory into a clean build of TGE or TGEA and start Torque, the missions are ready to try out, get inspiration from and use for game development, etc.

    The pack is centered around a huge foundation of procedurally generated base meshes utilizing a commercial license of TreeMagic3. These base meshes have been modified into Torque ready DTS models representing multiple LOD's, simple but effective collision and optimized for game performance. The terrains and billboard PNG's represent layered textures including original color work, digital image textures and rendered 2D artwork.

    Most (but not all) models include multiple LODs (from 2-5). Some of the simpler models are single LOD, but overall the performance is pretty outstanding considering the amount of sheer foliage in the missions.

    Here is a PARTIAL thumbnail index of some of the included content:


    So check it out - RRGTS "Sticks & Twigs" Environment Pack, there is a WHOLE lot of content here! When you get a look at what's all included, you better have your shoes off, because your socks are gonna roll right off your feet!

    Windows 2000/XP
    Pentium II 300
    512 MB RAM
    250 MB free hard drive space
    4x CD ROM Drive
    OpenGL or DirectX Compatible 3D Graphics Accelerator
    DirectX compatible Soundcard
    Internet access
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