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  • COLLADA Support

    Torque 3D was developed with artists in mind. An efficient interface and support for industry standard, COLLADA makes this choice easy. COLLADA is available in most major digital content creation packages. So whether your team is using Max, Maya, SketchUp, or Blender, you have a direct channel to get content into Torque 3D.

    We support the OpenCOLLADA standard and recommend the OpenCOLLADA exporters.

    LIVE Material Updating

    Torque 3D supports live material updating. If a texture is not quite how it should appear in-game, an artist can load it into Photoshop or Gimp to make the needed changes.

    The asset appears in the engine with the new changes in real-time. This enables artists to work between applications without interruptions.

    Detailed First-Person Arms

    Torque 3D 1.2 includes a new system for first-person arms. Artists can now create two separate models and switch between them based on the perspective. For the close-up first-person view, they can create extremely detailed arms. In the third-person view, they can use a model representative of the camera distance and perspective.

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