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  • World Editing Suite

    The world editor is the central hub for working with Torque 3D. It is the place where artists and level designers produce stunning environments and scripters push the envelope with gameplay logic.

    The different editors that are used to put together a game’s levels are incorporated into a central interface.

    Shape Editor

    Preview and play back animations from a scene or asset library.

    With the Shape Editor an artist can merge animations, define nodes, rename meshes, change positioning, and more.

    Terrain Editor

    Using the terrain editor, designers can sculpt new terrains interactively or import height fields generated in other applications.

    With the texturing and painting tools, artists can create realistic environments with exquisite attention to detail.

    Road & River Editor

    Quickly prototype city streets and rural roads.

    Rivers are added easily and designers have direct control of the flow and speed. With the river editor, the artists define the river's path and design and add water to see the water flow come to life.

    Material Editor

    Using the material editor, an artist assembles materials for the game without touching a line of code!

    A list of materials used on any model can be viewed and edited within Torque 3D. Materials are categorized for ease of organization and can be previewed in the editor. Materials are previewed and changed in real time inside the game.

    Particle Editor

    Torque 3D's particle editor provides stunning real time effects like fireworks and flames.

    Create a particle emitter, add the textures, and adjust the properties to see fantastic visual effects come to life in the scene.

    Decal Editor

    Using the decal editor, designers can create new decals and paint them on objects in the game.

    Bullet holes, trailing footsteps, and tagging players are all easy to do in your worlds.

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