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  • Advanced Lighting*

    Our deferred lighting model is the pinnacle of contemporary real-time rendering. Using Wolfgang Engel's "Light Pre-pass" rendering, Torque's 3D’s advanced lighting can support hundreds of lights and global real-time dynamic shadowing on every object in your scene. Artists can combine this solution with pre-baked light maps or tune Torque's shadow maps for just the right look in a scene

    *Currently Windows-only

    Basic Lighting

    Our classic forward-rendered lighting model performs well on low-end hardware and achieves high production standards. Many of the games designed for mass-market systems use a basic forward lighting system. Light-weight dynamic lighting can be used effectively for maximum impact in tight areas.

    pureLIGHT Support

    pureLIGHT is a third-party tool for Torque 3D which enhances scenes with high quality, static global illumination. Tonemapping and Vertex Color Lighting allow artists to bake lighting into scenes and integrate with the Advanced Lighting system. Lightmaps are generated in real-time so designers can pause light map generation, make adjustments, and continue during a preview.

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