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  • Multi-player Made Easy

    Bandwidth, latency, and packet loss are primary concerns among anyone looking to make a multiplayer, networked game. With Torque 3D, we have worked to tackle these problems effectively and efficiently for your team. Whether optimizing traffic between clients and the server for low-latency on the user end or the amount of data the server needs to process on the server end of the spectrum, Torque 3D was developed with bandwidth concerns in mind.

    In any network simulation, packet loss is always a concern. To this end, Torque 3D includes a protocol that allows for consistent packet delivery only on network objects that change during the simulation. To resolve latency issues, Torque 3D includes optimal usage of interpolation, extrapolation, and client-side prediction to synchronize clients during gameplay.


    Since developing a game is extremely difficult and networking itself is a complex topic, GarageGames decided to release a large-scale FPS deathmatch tutorial with the release of Torque 3D 1.2.

    This tutorial takes developers through the basics of creating a solid deathmatch first-person shooter using the engine. It provides solid design choices as well as best-practices when creating combat situations.

    The tutorial is located here.

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